How to store walnuts ?

How to store walnuts ?

In our country, the walnut is popular more than peanut or hazelnut, although hazelnut grows in our area, and the birthplace of walnut - Central Asia and the Caucasus.Walnut - a necessary component of the set of desserts, and about the usefulness of the health nut, everyone knows.But many people, the question arises, how to store walnuts?The real question is not difficult, and of course, there are some secrets to store this product.

Storage Recommendations walnuts

First of all, you need to sort out the nuts and cleaned from the outer shell residue.In order to keep one hundred percent of the nuts from eating insect larvae, it is recommended propech them lightly in the oven - the larvae and their eggs will die for sure.But, unfortunately, the red-hot core of nuts is likely to lose some very useful properties.Nuts can be stored as purified, and in the shell.The first is much more preferable, because you can immediately discard spoiled or damaged items.

Tips on how to keep peeled walnuts

  • shelled walnuts can be fried.This is very true if you bought the core by weight.Just pour them on a dry frying pan and fry for 7-15 minutes while stirring constantly.Before you take the nuts for storage, they should be cool.
  • If you plan to eat nuts for ten days, then store them in a closed plastic or glass container in a cool, dark place.Do not leave them open rooms with high humidity - mold can appear on the nuts.
  • If in the near future you will not need the kernel, you should pack them in a different way.Place the nuts in a plastic container, well, close the lid and put it on the very top shelf of the refrigerator.Keep nuts in no water - the product can become moldy.Therefore, kernels can be stored successfully for about six months.
  • even longer - up to a year - the nuts will be stored in the freezer.Wrap the dry kernels in foil or plastic wrap and place in the freezer.

As you have seen, walnuts storage is not tricky, the main thing to adhere to the above advice.