How to keep nuts ?

How to keep nuts ?

Nuts - a very valuable and useful product, but at the same time they are quite caloric.As part of the pine nuts are a lot of useful items, such as the daily rate of essential amino acids contained in 100 grams of this product.They are rich in vitamin B, and contain cobalt, copper, zinc and manganese.Walnuts contain a lot of fat acids, iron and vitamins.A green - vitamin C than in the wild rose.Therefore, always raises the question of how to store nuts.

Nuts store is quite difficult.Clearly, they can not be kept in plastic bags.Some time they prolezhat unharmed, but in the future they will have to just throw it away, because in these conditions very quickly formed mold.Therefore, they are best kept in glass or earthenware jars to be tight-fitting lid.They are in good condition throughout the year.

How to store nuts is still possible?They can be put into a container and put in storage in the freezer.If you see a spoiled nuts, they should be immediately discarded.From the green nuts is better to coo

k the jam or make medicinal tinctures.Many housewives prefer to store shelled nuts.Experts advise before storing peeled nuts in some dark place, it is necessary to pack them in a hermetically-sealed jars.They are stored at room temperature for several months.

storage rules

  • Pre-nuts should be dry.In dry place should be spread oilcloth and pour her nuts.The room should be well ventilated.
  • in a linen bags kept unpeeled nuts.The bags should be placed in a dark, dry place.Thus, they can be in good condition for six months.
  • How to store pine nuts?Peeled pine nuts is recommended to put in a container or in a plastic bag, put them in the freezer.
  • in glass jars can also store peeled nuts for three months.Banks closed lids, but not tightly.Indoor humidity should be about 65%, in that they may be in the form of up to three months.

Speaking of nuts in general, they can be stored for a long time.For this purpose it is necessary to create certain conditions.If the in-shell nuts, they must be folded into cardboard boxes or wooden boxes, so there may be up to six months, and purified as stated above, in the freezer.You will be interested in our article, "How to store walnuts?".