When to collect nuts ?

When to collect nuts ?

your walnut tree bore fruit.Naturally, you are now worried about the question of when to collect nuts?The fact that the nut does not change color, reaching maturity, remain green.It is therefore important to learn how to see the ripe nuts not to be removed from the tree still green (unripe fruit).We'll tell you when harvested walnuts and how to determine their degree of maturity.

Determine the ripeness of nuts

To start collecting nuts usually in late autumn.By this time the fruits ripen, shell nuts become dry and hard, and the nuclei swell, acquiring specific nutty taste.Thus the outer shell may be a nut and green smooth.

However, most ripeness walnut define precisely this type of green rind.At the time of acquisition, it is starting to dry up, shrivel and darken.It happens that, while remaining juicy and green, skins burst, and out falls a dry solid walnut.It happens so that the nut remains in a broken shell and not fall out of it.Sometimes the nut enclosed in a darkened and withered skin stil

l is firmly in the tree.Some fruits fall to the ground, while maintaining the integrity of the solid green rind.

collect nuts

So if autumn has passed for its second half, and you see all of these signs of maturity nuts, they need to collect.How?

with fallen nuts is clear - they simply lift off the ground.If a nut fell, remaining immured in the peel, the skin of the need to split.To do this, the fruit can greatly compress the hands to green shell burst, or with the power to throw it on a hard surface.From a broken shell of a nut is removed, clean it from the remnants of the skin and be sure to dry.

If the nuts remain on the tree, it should be a good shake, and then gather the fallen fruit.Those nuts that do not want to fall, remove with the help of a special device or knock a long stick.

Harvested nuts peeled residue is left to dry and clean storage.That's all the wisdom.Now that you know when and how to collect the walnuts.A good harvest!