Coconut : as it is?

Coconut : as it is?

Today, the presence in the supermarkets of different exotic fruits and nuts - a common occurrence.However, until now, few people know that in addition to how to eat raw, one can prepare a variety of dishes.For example, available year-round in the sale of coconuts.

When choosing a coconut note to its integrity, that is, it should not be damaged or cracked and on the weight - a heavy coconut milk and contains a lot of pulp.

Well coconut milk should splatter, so do not forget to shake it.

before eating raw or for cooking various dishes, you will need to break through one of the recesses in the nut and, through the resulting hole, decant the juice.More to read, how to eat coconut, you can here: "How to open a coconut?".

coconut as it is fresh

  • do corkscrew holes in the pits and pour a liquid which can be added to any juice or a drink;
  • Break the coconut in two halves;
  • knife otkovyryat all the flesh from the skin and rub it on a grater or blendore;

At the ripe nuts pulp departs from the shell a

nd skorlupnoy layer easily and without much effort.Otherwise, if the flesh does not want to be separated from the shell - it is an indication that the nut was removed unripe.

extracted from coconut flesh for a long time does not lie in the refrigerator, just a few weeks, so it is best stored in the freezer (up to 9 months).

How to eat coconut: coconut products

  • Coconut cream - a creamy thick liquid, which is obtained from the pulp of coconut and prolong the shelf life is heat treated.Coconut cream used for cooking Indian, Thai and Caribbean dishes.
  • Coconut milk - creamy liquid obtained after treatment with coconut pulp, which in Asian, Indian, and Caribbean cuisine is used for making sweet dishes, and main dishes.It goes well with fish dishes, curry and chicken dishes.
  • Coconut syrup is used for preparation of cocktails and desserts.
  • copra, or dried coconut meat, shredded and dried coconut meat, is often used in baking and as a powder to the sauce of curry and salads.


coconut fresh coconut flesh and coconut milk can be used as recipe ingredients for a variety of soups, salads, including fruit, desserts, baking, beverages, cocktails, sauces and some main dishes.

Coconut soup (Thai food)

ingredients designed for 4 servings:

  • chicken broth - 1.2 l .;
  • coconut milk - 120 ml .;
  • chicken 200 gr .;
  • chili pepper - 1 pc .;
  • lime leaves 4 pcs .;
  • lemongrass (stick) - 7.5 cm .;
  • ginger root - 1 pc .;
  • chives - 8 arrows;
  • chili sauce - 1/4 tbsp .;
  • salt;
  • coriander leaves.


  1. in a container to pour the chicken broth, add chicken broth, chopped chilli, chopped stick of lemon grass, chopped ginger and lime leaf and put on fire.Contents heated to 98 degrees, then cover and reduce heat.Cook for 25 minutes ingredients;
  2. get the chicken and cut into small pieces, soup - drain;
  3. strained broth again pour into the container, heat add the chopped green onions and pour the coconut milk;
  4. in broth with coconut milk to put chopped chicken and cook for 10 minutes;
  5. in the finished soup add the chili sauce, pepper and salt;
  6. spilled soup on plates decorate the coriander leaves.

Cocktail coconut milk

for preparation of non-alcoholic cocktail you need:

  • milk - 1/4 L .;
  • coconut milk - 1/4 L .;
  • 33% cream - 1 tbsp .;
  • pulp of coconut (grated) - 2 tbsp .;
  • pistachios (ground) - 1 tsp .;


  1. milk and coconut milk to mix and whip until foam receipt;
  2. in whipped cream to add milk, coconut pulp and pistachio.All the ingredients are well mixed.

Raffaello in

home Ingredients that you need for cooking sweets:

  • coconut - 200 g .;
  • butter - 125 gr .;
  • milk - 250 gr .;
  • nuts - 1/2 st .;
  • sugar - 150 gr.


  1. pour sugar into a saucepan, add water (100 mL), and put on the fire;
  2. in sugar water gently introduce the oil and keep the fire until smooth.Pan remove from heat and allow its contents to cool to 40 ° C;
  3. milk powder mixed with coconut (150 gr.), Then add to the syrup.The ingredients are well mixed and set for 4 hours in the refrigerator compartment;
  4. in chilled mass roll Nut roll and get the candy into copra.