How to take goji berries ?

How to take goji berries ?

Goji Berries - Tibetan product that grows in the mountains.There are many nutrients that are well absorbed by the body.It is known that the monks who used goji fruit differed good health and longevity.Scientists attribute this to the fact that a lot of antioxidants in Tibetan barberry, which is returned to human health.Moreover, on the basis of the research it was found that goji tend to increase the metabolic processes in the body.Thus, a person can lose weight, and the weight loss will take place naturally.

How to take goji berries?

Today, goji berries are sold in many countries, but this product is not cheap.Sure, everyone wants to be healthy, so it is a huge demand.Here are just some complain that it has no effect.In this case, you need to know how to eat goji, that they bring maximum benefit.

So those who suffer from psoriasis and frequent allergic reactions is recommended daily to eat 20-30 grams of fruit.Tibetan barberry reduce the number of antibodies that cause allergies.Since ancient t

imes, goji berries are the elixir of youth and longevity.Moreover, they improve potency.To maintain the immunity, improve appetite, sleep and strengthen the body in general, it is recommended to take twice a day infusion of these medicinal berries.To cook it you will need to take 15 grams of fruit and pour a glass of boiling water.Insists it should in a thermos.

Tea with Goji berries can help people suffering from colds.To make it, you just need to throw 5-8 fruits in a cup and pour boiling water.After 5 minutes, the beverage is ready for consumption.Drinking tea is recommended between meals.This drink will tone up the body, giving vitality, increasing resistance to colds diseases.In this case, the daily dose should not exceed 5 grams.

What else can help?How to take them for cardiovascular disease?To reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, it is necessary to eat 10 grams of fruit daily.Moreover, such a preventive measure would allow a 40% increase in the production of superoxide dismutase enzyme.It is responsible for the reduction of inflammatory processes in cells.

Gozhdi slimming

If you want to lose weight, it is recommended to consume up to 30 grams per day of the Tibetan barberry.Spread is the number you need for the day.For example, when you want sweet, you should eat berries 5-10.If you do so every time the craving for sweets will soon be gone.For weight loss, you can use tea or infusion.However, quick results should not wait, as though goji increase metabolism, but the process is slow weight loss.But it can be accelerated quite regularly go to the gym and to exclude from your diet harmful products.

include in your diet goji berries, it must be remembered that they have contraindications.They should be careful to use the high blood pressure and diabetes.There is also the danger of individual intolerance.For this reason it is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe the optimal dosage in each case.