How to cook garlic sauce ?

How to cook garlic sauce ?

sauce - this is a very popular spice used to make the dish richer flavor.These properties are, and garlic sauce.Its main ingredient is, of course, garlic that makes any dish delicious and useful due to the content of vitamins in it.This sauce is used in cooking all over the world, because it goes well with chicken, pizza, seafood, vegetables and pastries.Options for how to cook garlic sauce, a great many.Consider some of them.

garlic flour

One teaspoon flour is heated on a dry pan.Then small portions poured into a glass of water.Thereafter, the resulting mixture is brought to a homogeneous state.It is very important to prevent the formation of lumps, as this consistency is undesirable for correct sauce.In the last step in the preparation of the sauce adds two chopped garlic cloves, salt, spices, three tablespoons of sour cream and tomato paste.In this process of preparation of the first version of the sauce over.

Hot sauce

There is another way to make a garlic sauce with more ingredients.Init

ially, two boiled protein is mixed with two raw egg yolks, pepper, salt and two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.This mass is ground through a sieve, and then it is poured 65 grams of refined vegetable oil.This mixture is thoroughly whipped.The resulting sauce is introduced clove garlic, crushed with two peretёrtymi boiled egg yolks.The result is a mixture of a very sharp taste.Here come to the aid cream or sour cream.They bring the sauce to desired consistency and give it taste tenderness.

Whip up

also for those who do not have much time, but he likes garlic sauce, the recipe it may be elementary simple.It should just mix half a liter of mayonnaise and three cloves of garlic, minced with herbs.If desired, the sauce can be salt and season with black pepper.

Secrets of cooking

diversify any recipe garlic sauce can replace conventional oil to olive oil (sesame or flax can be) oil.For chopping garlic, you can use a special press, blender or mortar.The choice should be dictated by the preferences of the cook.But the main secret of cooking and use garlic sauce is the need to add it to the dish at the end of cooking.It allows you to create the desired flavor and taste of food.Garlic sauce should not be stored for a long time, since its composition often includes perishable ingredients.