How to pick berries ?

How to pick berries ?

Almost every cottager ever gathering berries.Throughout the summer ripen certain varieties.About that, when mature, for example, rose hips, you can read the article when collecting rosehips.

To berries longer stored, they must be properly collected and processed.In such cases, it requires certain skills and knowledge.

Berries at once

Berries different varieties require different attitude to itself.Berries are best collected in the morning or evening hours, at which time there is a strong sun.Some varieties need to be collected at a time when all ripe fruits, such as red and white currants, gooseberries.Thus it is better to leave the stem and currants can pluck tassels.Containers for the harvest must be clean and dry.Suit baskets, plastic containers, buckets.It is not recommended to choose the container is too large, otherwise the lower berries are crushed.

Berries in stages

Sometimes pick berries should be gradually, at intervals of 2-3 days.Then perezreyut not ripe, and green will be suitab

le for the collection.This is the case of raspberries, blackberries, black currants, strawberries.For longer storage they must pluck of each fruit.Usually, ripe fruit is very soft, so need to be careful not to damage the surface of the fruit.Raspberries, blackberries harvested in small baskets with the bottom covered with a non-rigid material.

Collect all berries should start with the lower branches, gradually moving to the top.Special devices for shearing, fruit can be used for hard species and varieties - viburnum, mountain ash.

Recommendations on collecting berries in the forest

  • for picking berries in the woods need a plastic bucket or a wicker basket, before going into the woods to be processed exposed skin and clothing remedy for mosquitoes.
  • Some types of berries, such as blueberries, cranberries can be collected using a special processor.
  • Wild berries are collected together with the stalk, and in the home is already cleaned, washed and dried.
  • Do not stack too tightly berries in a container, so you can mash them.
  • in different forest berries ripen throughout the summer and autumn.

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