How to use goji berries ?

How to use goji berries ?

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How to use goji berries?

Some compare with goji berries wolfberry, claiming that they are identical.However, this is not entirely true.Plants really like because Goji grows on different continents, but the berries, which have earned worldwide popularity, grow it in China.Goji Berries unlike Lycium Barbarum grown in the unique climate of the Middle Kingdom, which explains how they differ from those of other regions of the berries.

Goji fruits have small size and elongated shape, have a range of colors from red to scarlet or coral shades.It grows in the highlands, mainly in Central China.More says the article - What is Goji.

Useful properties of Goji berries

Goji berries, also known as barberry Tibetan or Chinese wolfberry, have a mass of useful properties.The positive impact of this product has on the cardiovascular system, it is a preventive measure against cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

for its healing properties, goji obliged to active

substances included in their composition.They contain a huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.Because of their regular admission:

  • increases mental and physical performance;
  • improved psycho-emotional state of a person;
  • normalized sleep and appetite;
  • cell rejuvenation processes are started in the body.

Eating goji berries beneficial effects on liver function, reduced blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood.


Chinese medicine is known worldwide for its unique medicinal drugs.What was not treated in China, and very successfully.Goji berries are also used in traditional medicine of China and established themselves from the best side.They can be used to cure a variety of diseases.

Violation of

The Goji berries contain a substance such as zeaxanthin, which has a close relationship with Vitamin A. The systematic use of the berries can significantly reduce the risk of age-related changes of eye, in particular to prevent the degeneration of the retina.

sexual dysfunction

Chinese healers for centuries used this unique berry to increase sexual desire.Healing composition Goji stimulates the production of hormones, including sex.It is also noted that the treatment Tibetan barberry increases the fertility of men, and with it the chances of conception.

Metabolic disorders

Violation of metabolism leads to weight loss.Goji Berries successfully cope with this task and contribute to natural weight loss.An impressive amount of antioxidants helps to improve metabolic processes in the body, accelerate the disintegration of fat cells and provide the body with energy to spare.


In Goji berries there are contraindications.Because they have the ability to enhance the effect of certain drugs, when administered will be necessary to recalculate the dosage.We are talking about medicines on the pressure and diabetes.

Tibetan Reception barberry is also contraindicated if a person is being treated with anticoagulants.The interaction of the two drugs can cause severe bleeding.Therefore, before you start treatment with Goji, it is important to get medical advice.

How to use goji berries

as drug

Goji berries in any case should not be eaten raw.Therefore, their pre-dried, and only then they are commercially available.Some manufacturers recommend following the acquisition of another dried berries, to prevent adverse effects on the body.The dried berries are safe and beneficial.

can use them both in pure form, making infusions and decoctions, and adding to various dishes:.. Soups, yoghurts, porridge, etc. The daily therapeutic dose ranges from 10 to 50 g, depending on the age and disease.So for stomach ailments only 10 g of berries a day, hypertension or blood diseases - 20 g, infertility - 50 grams per day.

For the greater good reception berries can not be combined with salty and sweet food!


In order to lose weight properly take Goji berries need to follow this recommendation: 20-30 g berries split equally and drink morning and evening until the desired result.More information you will find in the article - How to take goji berry for weight loss.

Recipe tincture of berries

The easiest way to obtain healing infusions - boil the berries in a thermos.1 tbsp.l.berries fill liter of boiling water, it will be ready within 30 minutes of the infusion.Take half a cup twice a day, eat the berries.Other recipes are wonderful drink you will find in the article of our resource - How to make goji.