Cranberries: useful properties

Cranberries: useful properties

Cranberry - this is one of the most useful berry, which can be found in our marshes.It is no secret that cranberries rescues from many ailments and replenishes the stock of vitamins and nutrients.What do you need more for the overall health?Let's look at some useful properties are the fruits of cranberry.So:

Cranberry.Useful properties

We know that cranberries have a unique value and are a useful food.

  • Cranberry is capable of natural conservation.It can simply pour boiling water.
  • large number of macro and micronutrients.
  • berries and cranberry extract can be used as an antipyretic, refreshing and antiscorbutic.
  • Cranberry enhances the action of antibiotics and sulfonamides.
  • Fruits cranberries strengthen the work of glands of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Many doctors recommend the use of cranberry in the treatment of gastritis reduced secretion.
  • often used cranberry juice or syrup as the antifebrile and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Cranberry is especially useful during beriberi.
  • cranberries with honey are advised to use in the treatment of rheumatic and respiratory diseases.
  • also proved that cranberry berries improve appetite and digestion.This is useful cranberry.
  • strengthen the work of the gastric juice and pancreatic secretion in the use of cranberry.
  • diuretic and bactericidal effect of cranberries useful in pyelonephritis.
  • Cranberry contributes to the overall tone of the body.It improves physical and mental abilities.
  • Cranberry juice inhibits growth of these parasites like S. aureus, bacillus anthracis, Proteus, including E. coli.
  • Cranberry able to make up for supply of important physiological hormone, since it contains in its composition ursulovuyu acid, which is very similar in genetic structure of many hormones in the body.
  • Also cranberry retards the development of aseptic inflammation.

How to make cranberry juice?

cranberry juice has an extremely useful properties, so it is useful and will be useful for every family.It is better to make your own juice, as the products in the store may contain harmful and unnecessary substances.Let's see how you can cook cranberry juice at home.

Cranberry juice with sugar

We need half a liter of water, one glass of cranberry, and half a cup of sugar.

  • thoroughly iterate through all of the cranberries, which will be used in the preparation of cranberry juice.
  • Rinse cranberries and crush it with a wooden spoon straight into the glass.
  • After these steps formed cranberry juice, which need to be overcome.
  • Pour water and boil the remaining field of push-ups squeeze.
  • You get the broth in which you need to add sugar and cranberry juice to taste.In this kind of cranberries will be useful.
  • This drink can be consumed both cold and warm.

This recipe is good because it is really fresh juice is obtained.For those who wish to achieve sourishness drink, add a small amount of sugar.To cranberry has kept the best of their useful properties, you must add the cranberry juice into a chilled broth.The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Cranberry juice with honey

We need half a liter of water, one glass of cranberry and two tablespoons of honey.

  • loop through all of the cranberries, which is necessary for the preparation of fruit drinks.
  • Wash berries and dip them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.This operation is called blanching.
  • berries need to knead the mixture and boil for 5-10 minutes.Cranberries not potyaryaet its useful properties.
  • Strain the juice and add two tablespoons of honey.
  • should drink 1-2 hours.
  • Morse served to the table cooled.

Here's what you can do from the cranberries.Also, it is extremely helpful to eat raw cranberries.You can add sugar to taste.Consuming the berries in their raw form, you get a maximum of vitamins and nutrients to the body.