Can I eat watermelon ?

Can I eat watermelon ?

Some people are frightened by the news that most of the watermelons grown only with the participation of various nitrates and nitrogen fertilizers.And most of them believe that such watermelons can simply poisoned.But another part believes that watermelons are absolutely harmless, in addition, they contain a large amount of water and nutrients, which are able to remove toxins from the body.And when watermelons ripen melon fields, many are asking the question: is it possible to eat melons?What is in them more harm or good?

Indeed, watermelon contains a lot of vitamins, pectin and sugar, but before him to eat, you need to consider how it was grown and under what conditions.The thing is that this berry is grown in the melon fields with little or no watering, and it must ripen in late summer.That is, if you get a watermelon in June or July, you take the risk to buy berries grown using harmful substances.Also pay attention to things like the purchase and use of watermelon:

  • Watermelon should not be c
    racked, because through them, with high probability, the berries could penetrate deep into the bacteria.
  • Before you consume watermelon, it is necessary to wash and wipe its crust.
  • Dip a piece of watermelon flesh in pure water.If normal watermelon, water will become slightly unclear, but if it is stuffed with chemicals, water is likely to be red or pink in color.
  • If you decided, regale early watermelon, it is worth considering that the harmful substances are usually congregate around the crust.Eat only fruit core.

Otherwise, if you wait and buy a ripe watermelon, uniquely, it should be eaten due to its beneficial qualities.Sometimes the watermelon can not be used in large quantities in certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

Watermelon and diabetes

Can I eat watermelon diabetics?Watermelon contains few carbohydrates, so people suffering from diabetes can include it in your diet.Most of the sugars that are contained in watermelon is fructose, in which 1 kg of pulp contains about 40 grams.Allowable Fructose uptake, which occurs without insulin costs also equals 40 grams per day.People who suffer from type 2 diabetes, it is recommended to limit the use of water-melons, to 250-300 grams per day.

Can watermelon children

Watermelons are very pleasant and sweet to the taste, so they are like children.If the watermelon good quality, even recommended to take his children.Only it is worth considering that in watermelon contains a lot of water and a variety of vitamins that has diuretic and allergenic effect of that is worth considering.Also in watermelon contains small bones that can get the child to the respiratory tract.Therefore, the majority of experts recommends eating watermelons not earlier than 2 years.

Can watermelon nursing

Feeding a child is a special period in the life of every woman, and therefore there are a number of products, the use of which is not desirable, as well as other series, to which the prohibitions do not apply, of course, at a reasonable rate.In the normal amount of watermelon has beneficial effects on the health of the nursing mother and baby.Watermelon can be a means to quench their thirst, but also a good diuretic drug.It is possible to eat 100-200 grams of watermelon, several times a day.And prerequisite must be ripening berries.In some cases, the watermelon can not eat it:

  • urolithiasis.
  • Impaired flow of urine.
  • colitis, and stomach disorders.

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