How to peel a pomegranate ?

How to peel a pomegranate ?

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How to peel a pomegranate?

In the Middle East, the king of fruit - this, of course, grenades, which can replace a lot of vitamin and mineral supplements.However, our people rarely acquire this wonderful fruit because of the reluctance to tinker with the cleaning.And no wonder: if you do not know how to clean a pomegranate, entire interest in a fruit often disappears.From this article you will learn how to properly clean a pomegranate and not get dirty.Here are a few ways.

method №1

Wash grenades, then carefully cut the top of the (crown);on a section you will see white streaks.Then you need to gently cut the veins with a knife from top to bottom, being careful not to touch the grain.Then turn the grenade over a deep plate and tap it with a spoon;grain will fall into the bowl when tapped.As a result, you get a plate of beans, and do not need to try to pick out their fingers.

Method №2

easy to clean and grenades can be another way.To do this, cut off the

top and to make cuts in the same way as in the method №1, and then placed in a garnet plate with water for 5 minutes.This is followed by hands to shoot in the water with cloves seeds - so the grain will be on the bottom of the dish.And the last step is to fish skin and veins, and separate the grain using a sieve, drain the water.This method is the fact that you do not get dirty.

method №3

This method is useful if you need to quickly clean grenade or grenades.To do this grenade cut into two equal parts.Then take a deep dish and cover it with a sieve (or Pelmennica) with large holes.Put half of pomegranate on a sieve (cut down), and then a kitchen mallet, tap the fruit.Grains will crumble into a bowl.In order not to dirty himself or kitchen items, cover with grenades silicone molds, eg for cakes.

you had no idea that there are so many different ways to clean garnets.Which of them prefer is up to you, now you can enjoy the taste of this fruit without much effort.If you want to know more useful information about garnets, read our article on the subject: What is useful grenades.Well, we will tell a little more about how to select grenades.

Select grenades correctly

Ripe fruit should not necessarily be bright red in color, they can be with pinkish skin and peels of pomegranate ripened slightly dry and brownish at the end.Ripe fruit will be much harder than it looks for its size.Pomegranates with smooth and bright skin often means that the fruit is not ripe.Also, pay attention to the "ass" Grenade.If the petals are opened, then the fruit is ripe.

If you are really important to choose a ripe and tasty pomegranate, read also our article How to Choose a pomegranate.