How to decorate fruit?

How to decorate fruit?

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How to decorate a fruit?

Fruits are not only a source of vitamins and tasty delicacy, but also a great decoration of the table and any dish, including cake.In this article we will look at how to decorate a table fruit, and how to make yourself beautiful fruit.

How to decorate a table fruit

There are a great way to decorate the table with fruit.Proven and relatively inexpensive.

  1. Take some large vases fruit.
  2. Fill them by the different fruit.One can only put a vase apples.In another - nectarines.The third - oranges.In principle, may be any fruit.
  3. Sprinkle rose petals around the vases.

Thus, you will have a spectacular table with fruit.Just remember that the vase should be set so that they were not at one point, and, for example, are placed along the perimeter.Read more about how to effectively apply the fruit you can learn from an article How to submit fruit.

How to decorate a cake fruit

When you decorate the cake of fruit, it should be remembered that

the two types of fruit ornaments exists in serving cakes.

  1. involved in the preparation of the cake.
  2. Fruits for serving.

The first group includes fruits that are not just decorating a cake, and to be his immediate part.Therefore, the choice of fruit to be taken into account, which ingredients were used to prepare a cake.After all, they will affect the taste.In

if needed for fruit serving, they can be completely arbitrary.As a rule, pastry chef slice them into thin slices and decorate their cake in a circle.Also, the fruit can be cut into small slices and place on top.Very impressive look delicate lobes sliced ‚Äč‚Äčoranges on top of vanilla or chocolate cake, the tip of which is topped with strawberries or cherries.That's how easy and simple it is to decorate your home or purchased at the store fruit cake.For more information about how to decorate a cake of fruit you can learn from the article How to decorate a cake with fruit.

How beautifully decorate

fruits in fruit-based decoration techniques (so-called carving) is the possession of special tools.This usually knives of various shapes and sizes.However, simple shapes can be made using a conventional kitchen knife with a small blade length of 10 centimeters.The main thing that it was sharp.

most popular carving fruits and berries are orange, melon and watermelon.It is because they are doing the simplest figure - a basket.

  1. should be cut in half fruit or berries.
  2. Remove the pulp of a special spoon.
  3. Carefully go through the same circle knife cutting triangles.

Note that in carving used oranges with thick skin, or of them do not get a tight basket.Sami fruit can be decorated with other fruits or berries.As a rule, they serve as an ornament for the whole foods, including fish and meat.

Another good and easy way to decorate a fruit pyramid.It's a peculiar kind of cutting.

  1. Cut thin slices of apples of different colors.
  2. one side of each segments be cut so as to obtain a right angle.
  3. Place the slices in a circle as close as possible to each other.
  4. grounds for pyramids can serve as a ring of orange or other fruit.
  5. The top of the pyramid are usually decorated with a cherry.

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