How to clean pineapple ?

How to clean pineapple ?

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How to clean pineapple?

Pineapple we often see in the form of pieces of candied living in the banks, but the pineapple in syrup, sweet, and it is not always suitable for dishes in which pineapples are used.However, these pineapples convenient to use, and they are always at hand.But if you wanted fresh pineapple have to make some effort and learn how to clean pineapple.But first - a bit about choosing a good pineapple.

How to choose a ripe pineapple

First, you need to choose a pineapple that was ripe and fragrant.Rely not on the color of the fruit and the color of thorns (they should be dark brown), on the leaves, which should easily be pulled out, but the basis of the fetus to the touch should be firm.

So you carefully and chose a long time, and finally bought a ripe pineapple, now to do with it?To have his or used for cooking other dishes, you need to clean it.Stock up with a sharp knife, patience and perhaps a fantasy, if you want to cut a pineapple beautifully.

How to clean pineapple - User

To understand how to clean pineapple, video watching necessarily sufficiently detailed instructions.If you still need it, such a video on the Internet abound.

  • In the beginning, put the pineapple on its side and cut away the leaves together with part of the top - about 1 centimeter thick.Cut away
  • bedplate, and a thickness of about 1 centimeter.The flesh on these parts is very hard, so you can shamelessly throw them away.
  • You got the likeness of the cylinder, which is good and stable can be positioned at dosochki putting on a circumcised parts.Using this, you can begin to cut the peel.Trim its vertical stripes, the less will be the strips, the more you save the flesh.
  • So, in your hands peeled pineapple pulp cylinder, but it has eyes that are not particularly edible and even hard.They we cut out as the eyes on potatoes, you can even use this knife for peeling potatoes.
  • And here in front of you is almost peeled pineapple, but there remained one more part to be removed - core.From that, how will you remove it, depends, will look like a pineapple chunks afterwards.

How to cut core

  • Method one - you can thread the needle and cut out the core directly into the cylinder, then cut it into rings about 1 cm thick.
  • second method - cut pineapple circles and cut the core in each of them, in the end, you also get the ring.
  • The third way - Cut pineapple in half and cut out the core of each half.As a result, you will turn semi-circles, like the letter S.
  • fourth method - cut the pineapple vertically into 4 parts, which are triangular in cross-section, and from every part of the cut core.This option is convenient in that the core is cut in one motion of the knife, strip effortlessly.The same method is useful if you need small pieces of pineapple, a further cut it into cubes.

How to apply pineapple

Think about how you will serve pineapple, to be convenient to eat large pieces, with which you can apply them and how to decorate.You can add chopped pineapple salad or pizza.Surely you already have a prescription in stock, and meat baked with pineapple rings and cheese on top.Fresh pineapple can decorate the cake, using a cream or syrup having painted pieces of pineapple as a lifeline or wheels.Semirings can be positioned on the edge and get the framing.pineapple rings can be served with ice cream, putting the ball in the center of the ice cream and garnish with a cherry.

Knowing how to properly clean pineapple, you will always be able to please family and surprise guests.Fresh pineapple is much more useful than canned, and this is particularly important in winter and spring.In addition, putting the share of imagination, you can devise your own method of cutting pineapple, cut out of it to make figures and table decoration.