What are the fruits ?

What are the fruits ?

What is the fruit?It is very juicy and edible fruit that grows on a tree or bush.Also, fruits can be considered, and some types of berries.Fruits are an important component in the chain of supply of humans and animals.

What to eat fruit?There are many classifications, but the most popular is this:

fruits, which grow in temperate climates

  • The family Pink subspecies occurs as fruits, namely:
    • Pome (apple, pear, hawthorn, quince);
    • Stone fruit (apricots, cherries, plums, cherries);
    • Others (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries).
  • Other fruits and berries, which are located in the temperate climate zone:
    • Blueberry, gooseberry, blueberry, elderberry, black currant, viburnum.

Representatives of this type of fruit a huge number that is both tasty and healthy for the human body.Various fruits are used for diets, for medicinal purposes and for cooking a variety of delicious dishes.These fruits are rich in the vitamins and useful elements.

But not only the mild climate boasts a variety of

representatives of a number of fruit.What kinds of fruits in other climate zones?For example, the fruit in the subtropics and Mediterranean are also very diverse.

Mediterranean fruits and subtropical fruits

  • Dogwood, figs, grapes, carica oakleaf and many others.

very important economic nature has all kind of citrus, which belongs to the family Rutaceae.In the majority of species we have found a place of tropical plants that do not tolerate cold weather, especially frost.Cultures that have a commercial value, are more resistant to low temperatures:

  • citron, bergamot, lime, pomelo and grapefruit, as well as a number of members of the genus.

other subtropical fruits, which are common:

  • Avocado, kiwi, pineapple guava, and pawpaw Passiflora Maliformis.

Which fruit grows in the tropics?They are here and a huge variety of all times not listed.Especially tropical fruits always enjoyed great popularity among the population of any country exotic flavor will appeal to any gourmet.Chefs in restaurants serves a variety of delicious desserts such fruits as well as meat and fish dishes.Their delicate flavor adds sophistication to each piece of cooked dishes.

Tropical Fruits

  • Snake fruit, mango, dragon fruit, mangosteen, papaya, longan, pineapple, guava, carambola, Amazon grapes, bananas and more.

All these fruits are not subject to the selection from the perspective of what to eat fruit.They can eat everything, but know when to stop, because the body difficult to readjust to the exotic, which is unusual for a human body.Tropical fruits cleanse the body, the skin and is very useful in diets.Because many of them have a function of fat burning and rapid digestion of other substances that get into your body with food.If a person stands diagnosed diabetes, especially physicians prescribe some tropical fruit species, because they are useful and contain normal sugar that will not harm a human patient.Therefore, the consumption of fruit brings only benefit your body and each body, depending on what you choose to eat fruit today.

There is another group of fruits - Australian fruit.These representatives are only now gained popularity among consumers.It happened due to the fact that high content of fruit antioxidants.

Representatives Australian fruit

  • lemon aspen, blue kvandong, desert kvandong, cockatoos plum, finger lime and others.

these fruits are useful because their consumption slows down the process of aging of body cells.Therefore, there are fruits necessary for your body always felt younger.

Now let's see if there are forbidden fruit?What can not be?Eating fruits that are not recommended to use in food.There are two kinds of fruit, you have to remember and never have:

  • Tung;
  • McClure orange.

oil, which is located in the fruit called tung, has toxic properties and an unpleasant odor, so the fruit does not apply to, what fruit can be eaten.

McClure orange dangerous for human food, but has many medicinal properties: it made of drugs to combat fungal infections, warts and stop bleeding.

Fruits de jure

There is another variety of fruits, which was assembled only recently after the directive in 2001.For example, fruit jams mean, jam and marmalade, jam relates, jam and marmalade products:

  • tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, melon, watermelon and ginger.

These kinds of jam and other sweets made by order of the European Union, and made only from fruit.Such production is fully legal and fixed.

also a classification of fruit and flavor:

  • Acid (pineapple, pestilence, passion fruit, grapes);
  • semi-acid (kuruba, Lulo, strawberries, mandarins);
  • Sweet (banana, apple, pear, watermelon, papaya);
  • Neutral (cocoa, coconut).

Such a system of classification of fruits is not as common in science, but it is very popular among consumers.Because so much easier to distinguish the fruit from one another.Representatives of fruit a huge amount, so you should try to start them now, to be able to try them all!