Useful properties of dried apricots

Useful properties of dried apricots

Dried apricots - is one of the most useful sweets.For example, drinking her tea instead of sugar or bread rolls very tasty, and the body will say thank you very much.Do we know all the useful properties of dried apricots, simply underestimated rare or altogether wrong it consumption?

Dried apricots - is not only a filling for cakes and other pastries, and not only the basis for the compote.It is a treat in such processing loses a lot of its essential (especially essential in the winter!) Properties.These are the advantages that are contained only in its composition:

  • mineral composition of dried apricots very rich - it contains a lot of magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
  • can not be said about its special richness to vitamins, but it contained vitamin A, C, PP and B vitamins
  • Dried apricots contain a large amount of pectin and organic acids, which are well derive from our radionuclides and heavy metals.

Useful whether dried apricots in the treatment of diseases

course.In addition to general preventive health promotion and apricots can help with specific diseases.Chronic use of this fruit will not know what the blockage of blood vessels or solid tumors.Kuraga improves vision, as well as easier and prevents heart disease and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.In addition, it maintains a treat hair beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Useful properties of dried apricots and manifested in the treatment of oral diseases, such as stomatitis.Also it will help with bad breath.

Due to saturation of magnesium apricots cope with the treatment of hypertension and anemia.And finally, the infusion of dried apricots are often prescribed for cardio - vascular disease or patients with kidney - because of its diuretic.

How useful dried apricots in diabetes?Yes, because the apricots is perfect for those suffering from diabetes, vitamin deficiencies as well as on the disease of the thyroid gland.Moreover, it is even part of many popular homeopathic remedies.

How and how much to eat dried apricots

In this issue important thing is not to overdo it - it dried apricots, as opposed to fresh, it contains a lot of fiber, and therefore with overeating can cause stomach upset.Doctors say that the optimal rate of the day is one hundred grams in a separate form or in the form of supplements.But it must be remembered that you should not expose the dried fruit of excessive heat treatment.

Apricots well with salad, rice, fish and meat.In addition, it is one of the favorite fruits of those who have great eats or sits on a diet - because a lot of calories (. 230 to 100 g) is incomparable with the same calories for example, in bakery products - they dried apricots easily absorbed by the body and are onlyfavor.One of the most popular salads with this dried fruit - chicken salad, nuts and dried apricots.Also need garlic, fennel and carrots, as well as mayonnaise or sour cream for the filling.Salad is easy to prepare, and its unusual taste and will delight you and guests.

Choice apricots

This is an important procedure because it affects whether the body get all the nutrients, or consume a useless product.Apricots should be clean and large, fairly rigid.Dried apricots can not be brighter than fresh - its color should be natural, matte, better if with a slightly gray tint.This will mean that you have purchased a natural, healthy and delicious product.