How to increase lips ?

How to increase lips ?

Many women have wondered about how to increase the lips.This article will cover a few tips and examples on how to increase the lips without surgery.From the shape, the form and expression of the lips depends on many things, including your appearance person.Change the shape of the lips and give them a volume in several ways, and most importantly - without the intervention of a plastic surgeon.Strong clenched, his thin lips did not give you a feminine and vice versa, brutality and masculinity.Strongly drooping corners of the lips and give a kind of sadness grief.From the lips depends heavily on your appearance.

How to visually enlarge the lips

Visual lip augmentation can be done at home, for this you can use makeup and traditional recipes.To effect was, to do these procedures on a regular basis.For example, we look at a few popular recipes and masks.

can make a mask of honey - just need to spread the lips of honey at night.You can also make the temperature contrast lip, that is to moisten the mou

th with cold water, then hot.The last recipe is simple - it's just smear Vaseline lip contour, while the lips are not inflamed and weather-beaten.

There is another and most common way to visually enlarge the lips - it's makeup.You just have to follow some rules: trace lip pencil slightly beyond the natural contour of the lips.Pencil should not be very different from the skin color.Also lipstick should not be too bright, so that the lips are not strongly stand out against the background of the person.We recommend that you apply a little gloss on the center of the lower lip, which would give a greater volume.The secret of how to increase the lips make-up, we have given you, but do not forget that there are lipsticks, which can cause severe irritation on the surface of the lips, and even the appearance of hard cracks.In this case, you should stop using this lipstick and grease lip boric ointment.If the inflammatory symptoms still persist, consult a doctor immediately.Women who do not paint the lips should protect them from drying out.To do this, you can simply grease the lip cream with Vitamin A, or use a simple colorless lipstick.

Gymnastics lip

Not many people know how to increase lip volume, but we'll tell you about it.There are special exercises for the lips - this is one of the more common ways to make your lips more attractive and sexy.Gymnastics is to maintain flexibility and impart an attractive shape to your lips.

give an example of a few effective exercises.Folding lips to whistle;whistling;blowing out the candles;gesture "Smack" stretched lips;lips make a movement resembling twisted lips outwards;curl of the lips in the mouth, mouth-thread;fold the lips into a tube, thus strongly squeeze them, then relax;Light pressing the upper teeth, lower lip, and vice versa.You can also use a little strange, but effective way to simultaneously cleanse, warm-up and improve blood circulation lips.Take a toothbrush (brush should not be too hard) and light massaging movements pass his lips, making the movement in different directions, and then smooth circular motion.Massage lips - one of the most effective methods of increasing the volume and improving the health of the lips.

How to increase lips folk remedies

There are so many masks to add volume, softness and bulk lips.For example, the mask can be made from readily available ingredients that are in every home.Mark little sour cream, vegetable oil, and add a few drops of lemon juice, 20 minutes is applied.You can simply lubricate lips with vegetable oil it will make them soft, tender and moist.Take part shelled sweet apple, grind on the smallest grater take 1 teaspoon of the mix and add a half teaspoon slightly warmed butter is applied for 15-20 minutes.

Special preparations

From the above contact methods listed, too quick and strong effect was not observed, but all is not lost, we know how to increase the lips quickly and effectively.There are various gels for lip augmentation that is the most effective way.Generally the gels are applied a thin layer on the lips.After some time the action begins and the gel is a rush of blood to his lips.Due to this, they considerably increase in volume.It is recommended to use different balms.You can make lip balm at home, but for this you need components such as: 5 tablespoons of jojoba oil;natural wax without wax 1 tablespoon, it is necessary to melt in a water bath;3 drops of essential oils (tangerine);1 tablespoon of glycerin;for the color, you can add sea buckthorn oil.Preparation: Pour in a bowl 5 tablespoons Jojoba oil, add 1 tablespoon of melted warm, but not hot wax.Stir the mixture and add 1 tablespoon of glycerin, then add 3 drops of essential oil (tangerine).Stir with a fork the resulting balm to smooth, to avoid lumps.Put the resulting balm in a jar and refrigerate.The shelf life of this balm is 3-4 months.

All of these tips will not only help you to increase the volume of the lips without the intervention of a plastic surgeon, but also teach how to properly care for your lips to your lips soft, moisturized and volume.Various masks prevent chapping and drying lips.Simple warm-up for the lips makes them flexible, give them shape and improve circulation.These recipes will point you in the right direction, so that you will able to achieve the desired result.