Why oblazit skin?

Why oblazit skin?

Human skin - exactly the same body as the heart, liver, stomach.Moreover, the skin - the largest organ of our body!The area of ​​the skin of an adult average of 1.6 (women) - 1.8 (men) m2, and weight - slightly more than 4 kg - 12-16% of total body weight.

same way as the other organs of the human body, the skin is exposed to various diseases.One of the most frequent problems is the skin peeling.

Why can climb round the skin?

reasons there may be a lot.For example, a lack of nutrients, inadequate intake of vitamin A - retinol and carotene.This is especially true in the winter and spring.These vitamins affect the operation of the sweat glands, which retain moisture in the skin and provide elasticity.Carotene contained in virtually all fruits and berries, which are yellow or red.It tomatoes, rosehips, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, apricots, radishes, etc.

on skin condition also affects the impact of adverse weather conditions -. The wind and frost on the street, a long stay in the summer sun, dry air

in the room, which can cause some types of heatingappliances and air conditioners.The reason that winter oblazit skin may be allergic to cold.

also need to closely monitor their diet.It is advisable to limit itself to the use of products that cause allergies: coffee, chocolate, cocoa, roasted dishes.That the skin was no longer dry and rough, drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.After dehydration - another reason that can peel off and climb round the skin.

Why scaly skin on the hands?

Why oblazit skin on the fingers?Here the reason is mainly in the influence of aggressive environment.It could be washing powders, detergents and cleaning products.Men are different lubrication at car repairs, and more of what we are working anyway and face in everyday life.Also, there are not excluded common causes listed above.Those who have the skin is thin and delicate, of course, the need to defend it.For example, to work in gloves.There are a variety of cosmetics to protect sensitive skin, use them.

Why oblazit skin on the hands?Yes, this is a serious issue of concern to many.It is possible that peeling can be the beginning of the disease.For example, a fungal disease, seborrhea, psoriasis or worse - some kind of eczema.If your skin peel off for a long time, and you feel very itchy, then immediately to the doctor!

Prevention peeling

sort out why oblazit skin, you should think about prevention.To cleanse the face and skin in general, it should choose the means fat-based.It is not recommended to use the funds in an alcohol or a lanolin-based.Alcohol dries the skin, and it will peel off even more.Lanolin can often lead to the emergence of allergies.Moisture and balances skin care products should be removed with a soft towel by light touches.In the summer before the walk should use special protective cream.In winter, protect the skin moisturizer will help.It should be applied 30 minutes before going cold.