How to get out of all groups ?

How to get out of all groups ?

Today, most people prefer social networks.As a rule, is not only there is a dialogue, but also actively conducted business.This means that there is a place obtrusive and sometimes annoying advertising.Many people are committed to send out proposals to group users of social networks.It happens that people come into a particular "community", but at some point these groups was so much that he decided to get out of them.How to get out of all groups, not wasting time on it?We'll talk about this in more detail.

Separate removal

If, however, you have a lot of spare time and patience, you can get out of each group in order.This means that you need to enter the community, find the option "Exit group" and, thereby, to get rid of unnecessary weight.Do not forget to click on the sentence "Newsletter Unsubscribe" to no longer receive information about updates uninteresting to you.This method is suitable if you do not want to leave all the groups at once.It so happens that enter into the "community" is possib

le only with consent of the administrator, so you do not want removed from there, if the group is still of interest to you.

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program VkButton

In order to get out of all the groups in one fell swoop, you can use computer programs designed specifically for the "residents" of social networks.One of these assistants is VkButton - an application that will get rid of all unnecessary groups.Just install it on your computer and use the "magic button" that with a single click will solve your problems with the groups.In addition to this function, the program can also help you to send invitations to other users if suddenly you are the administrator of a "community".With VkButton is also possible to remove all marks from photos and videos with just one click, edit, friends lists, download any files, and more.You can also stay a little longer spy by getting the ability to view hidden albums and videos, which are preferred to hide from prying eyes.

Expansion VkBot

Another useful thing that was done to ensure that social network users can freely be removed from the group - VkBot.All you need to do - is to install the program on your computer.To do this, click "Install", and then "Add".After the performed manipulations sign "VKontakte", and the screen will display the language selection option.Since Russian is already the default, you just need to click "OK".

Once the extension is found, click "My Groups".At the top you will see a button to "Leave everything."As you might imagine, this option became possible only after the installation of the program.After pressing the button a window will appear asking you to confirm whether you really want to delete all groups.If the answer is yes, and you have not changed your mind, feel free to click "Yes" and rejoice in the results obtained.

This extension is convenient because you move away from only those groups that are not an administrator.If you are a member of their group, they are not going anywhere.Duration removal depends on the number of groups, but even if there are several hundred, the removal process does not take more than 10 minutes.

addition to the above features, the expansion VkBot allows you to take advantage of other advantages.With this program you can clean the walls from unwanted entries, quickly download music and video, switch the recording with the player folded, etc.

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