What is my email address ?

Over the years, communication between people who are at a great distance from each other, it is possible only through correspondence.We wrote letters to each other, dipped them in a special mailbox, and the service responsible for the shipment, our messages delivered to recipients.At the same time, the reporter was more than the longer had to wait for a response from him.

Email - quickly and conveniently

Over time, there were long-distance calls.And finally, in our lives rapidly broke the Internet.Today there is no need to languish in anticipation of the next letter.Our instant messages reach their destinations.Even if they are in another country, on another continent, in another hemisphere.And all this - thanks to a useful invention of mankind - a unique service called "E-mail".

But very often it happens that a person registering a mailbox, he is difficult to answer the question, what is my e-mail address.And, it turns out to answer it - simple.There are even several ways to find out which e.ma

il address has been assigned to your mailbox at registration.

How do you know your email address

  • Firstly, check the mailbox service immediately sends you a letter to him with all the registration data: username, password, address, etc.Be sure to save it somewhere in this letter.Then, even if you forget something, all the information on your mailbox will be at your fingertips.But if it so happens that you have not saved this letter?"Why, in that case, know my email address?" - You ask.Well, then read on!
  • Secondly, if you can log into your account using your username and password, then, of course, log in and send a letter to one of his friends.The letter simply ask the question, what my email address.Your friend will see after all, from whom it came into his letter, and certainly do not refuse to help you in such detail as to copy the address of the sender, and you throw in the second e-mail message
  • And third.Basically, all the postal service up e-mailboxes for this adopted the default formula:
    • First comes your login
    • Next - @
    • Then - the address of the mail service, which registered your box (yandex ru, mail.... ru, gmail com, google com, etc.)

Say, login you currently have selected pifagor17, as registered - on Yandex.So, your email address will appear not only as pifagor17 @ yandex.ru.And remember that your address should not be any gaps.Here, in principle, and all science.A formula, of course, use on health.And tell your friends.After all, the question of what my e-mail, a very frequent visitor to the address bar of any search engine.