What lit the left ear ?

What lit the left ear ?

Many superstitions and there are a variety of signs.Usually they are made up of long-term observations of people in different situations.So were born the signs.Believe it or not - it's up to you.One of the most popular areas in the interpretation will take - a "burning" of the various parts of the body - the face, cheeks, ears.Would you like to know what a person is sometimes burn or another part of the body?Today let's talk about what lit the left ear, and what the future may portend such a sign.Also we offer you and the medical explanation for this phenomenon, and the conclusions about what to believe you make your own.

signs - what lights left ear

If suddenly began to burn the left ear, it means that someone is currently talking about you do something bad, scolds or dissolve the bad rumors about you.A sign is valid in the event that at the time, when the lights left ear, you have something hurts, you feel unwell or have observed a slight indisposition.The fact is that when you talk about the

bad, then your energy trying to attack the negative energy message, and it appears just in poor physical condition.However, some people believe that gossip is not lit the left ear and right.

There is another interpretation of the signs of what is lit left ear.Many people believe that the left ear burns because someone mentioned you in a conversation with someone, just remembered and told a story or event associated with you.These may be your friends, family and relatives.Typically, in such cases, ear burns slightly, and the very words of the person you are neutral or positive.

burn both ears

If both ears are burning, someone is hotly debated with the other person you may wash up your bones.These conversations are probably very emotional and very hurt man who says about you, but because you burn more than one, and soon both ears.Naturally, the more eager ears, the stronger you are discussing.Think about who it could be.Perhaps you recently someone badly hurt.

What does medicine

natural medicine believes that any signs and superstitions do not mean anything, because almost everything that happens to the human body, can be explained in terms of science.For example, science says that your ears start to burn a man, when his body is under the influence of intense fear.Fear generates a large amount of the hormone adrenaline, which is nowhere to go, so he begins to affect various changes in the body.Have you ever noticed that before an important meeting or a first date, you are very worried?You were shaking hands or knees, flushed face and slurred?All this - the effects of adrenaline effects on the body.Here, too, - an excess of this hormone has nowhere to go, so he rushes back to where he wants, for example, stimulates the strong rush of blood to the ears, making the latest and blush.

Another scientific view on the "burning" ears - an increase in brain activity.But with it not everyone agrees.If so, during a brain hard work of all people must be on the ears.For example, at the time the exam in all bona fide students must have red ears, but it is not so.

Almost everyone's ears burned with shame, so to talk in detail about what it is, I think, not worth it.For example, this is possible, when we feel a sense of guilt towards the other person, we want to repent during a private conversation, very excited.If in such a situation, the ears are burning, this is quite normal.

As you can see, explanations, what lit the left ear or right, enough.Impose any point of view, we will not, you decide for yourself, which in this case is to believe - national signs or science.In any event, excessively fond omens are not worth it.Still, luck does not give an absolute guarantee of correct interpretation, and too believed in it, you can cheat yourself and come up with a bunch of extra and unnecessary problems.If the ears are burning long enough, and you do not know why this happens, it is possible and at the reception to the therapist to go.