How to think ?

How to think ?

Our consciousness consists of thought.As the popular expression, a person thinks and therefore exists.Think, then act.An action can be right and wrong.People who do not understand how to think, must understand this very important issue.Only then will their wishes fulfilled, just so they will be happy.

First we need to define our values ​​system and system requirements.Too often we deceive not only others but also themselves."I have so hard and work hard, I have not had the opportunity to go on vacation, and as you want" - we often complain familiar.Let's think on the fact whether these people so want to relax?They just want to be needed someone to them or who could not be replaced.So it turns out that it is this desire come true.If a person does not have one desire - the strongest come true.If you want to you could not be replaced by someone?Forget about the rest.Passionately want to relax, think about it all the time?Then this opportunity will come to you, clearly.

With thoughts, you can limit y

our opportunities or to make them wider.You can fulfill all your desire.Imagine that you want to go, for example, in Dubai.What should I do?Do not limit your desires thoughts: "I will work hard, and I will have the money to stay in Dubai."This is a wrong formulation of desire.Thinking in this way, you will earn money, but to go to Dubai will not work.You limit yourself in that journey is only possible on the money earned by hard work.A tract is not enough.You can win the lottery money on this holiday, you can go there on a business trip, etc.The main thing - the right to form their own thoughts.

Our consciousness is often hampered by emotions.They destabilize our minds.Completely get rid of the emotions is not possible, but at least briefly abstracted from them to clear the mind and be able to think logically.If you do not know how to learn how to think, to do the right thing, divide their activities into three positions.The first position - yours, you realize the action, the second belongs to the person on whom the action is directed, and the third - the observer.

Rate from its position the actions that occur, its causes and necessity.Consider your values.Now put yourself in the place of the person, in relation to which the action takes place.Consider options for his reaction, he expects from you or not.And, at last, become an observer, look at the situation as an outsider.So your actions will be logical.

lot of people, not having a clue how to think, to talk spontaneously, abruptly and illogical.They seem to edit other people's arguments, they do not need to be deep in thought.Their causal chain and then cut off, they are vulnerable, they are easy to confuse.

We were not taught how to think and process information, because whatever comes into our brains from the outside.Every day we receive a lot of dangerous, aggressive and false information, we should be able to recognize her.We are hostages of stereotypes and difficult for us to get rid of the views vaccinated since childhood.We need to activate your mind and intuition.

Thoughts successful person

successfully able to think only 1% of the population of our entire Earth.Every day we think about his failures, problems, quarrels, small wages, bad friend, a strict boss.Successful entrepreneur thinks quite differently.All our future depends on the correctness of our ideas.Will you think about the negative, life would be appropriate.Do you want to radically change your life?Learn to think positively.

Any work will be grateful if you finally realize that, regardless of the work and profession, you can turn any business into a profitable profession.A successful person thinks about their goals, about what to aspire to.If he perceives the failure, he comes out of this situation, positive aspects, considering it as a valuable lesson.A businessman would not think of something abstract and ambiguous, he is thinking about specific things that can bring it to the target.

Successful people are always optimistic, they have a lot of thinking, making plans for the next few years.They clearly see themselves in the future, they do not dream, and set specific goals.Whether the dream differs from the target?Yes.The goal is the implementation period, and dream for it and dream it to be.Before reaching the goal, a successful person builds a plan of action that begins to perform, day after day.

Such a person thinks a lot about their actions, instead of chattering incessantly.businessmen Problems not debug on the back burner and is trying to solve as they become available.His goal - a good result, not only the process.To become a successful leader, it is important to not only change the way of thinking, but also be able to express them.

How to learn how to express their thoughts?

  • First of all, stop complexes.Everyone depends on the opinion of others, and to speak in public or simply stand up and express their thoughts, it is very difficult.
  • Refill baggage of their knowledge throughout their lives.Read more, and it will be easier to maintain any conversation.
  • Analyze yourself.Record yourself on camera and look at the part of the way you express thoughts.After reviewing the video, you will immediately find all the defects of speech and word-parasites, superfluous gestures.Are you adequately look at myself from the outside.
  • In an interesting, emotional conversation must be present gestures.Find the middle ground, gestures should be a good addition to the voice and nothing more.Check out the gestures that speak of the orator of uncertainty, and do not use them.
  • your conversation should not be too fast, otherwise you will start to make a reservation and make mistakes.If you still make a reservation, do not apologize, just fix itself and continue to speak further.
  • If you need to express their thoughts in public, on the eve of rest and sleep enough.Do not ignore this advice, as yawning speaker with blue circles under the eyes is unlikely someone will be impressed.

Practice building your thoughts properly and skillfully express them in public.