How to present yourself ?

How to present yourself ?

You'd be surprised how many ambitious and talented people fail at a job or an important business meeting, just failing to properly present themselves.At the same time, people without adequate experience and baggage of knowledge, but with the right gab easily get a job and make contracts.It is important to be able to convince the people around that you really deserve appreciation.

How to dress to make a good impression

widely known fact that people meet on clothes.According to the study recruitment company in collaboration with well-known image of designers and stylists, two in five employers (about 38%) denied the applicant in the job because of his appearance.

first good impression (style of dress, manner of speech, especially non-verbal communication) - one of the most important conditions presenting themselves properly.Universal clothing option at a business meeting - a suit and a minimum of accessories.Moreover, the solid and serious people with whom you negotiate, the stricter should be yo

ur outfit.

most important thing - the clothes should be clean and well ironed.Men shave before the meeting, it is desirable - even one-day stubble can ruin a first impression.Women need to pay attention to your make-up and do not overdo the makeup.Fragrances are also important - garlic smell, the smell of alcohol or cigarette fume cause repellent effect, even if they are "disguised" expensive perfume.

How to behave on the non-verbal level

How to apply yourself correctly - a question that involves many individual nuances.First of all, do not need to open to get nervous and make a fuss.To look cool, try to relax, take a comfortable natural position.Climb with your feet on the sofa and fall apart in the chair, of course, not necessary, but the man sitting, "if the count swallowed", also did not have a comfortable conversation.Sit down as if you are set for a long and pleasant conversation.Do not cross your arms or legs - it subconsciously adjusts your interlocutor on the rejection.Do not put your hands on the table - this gesture means a request for assistance.

Generally, the use of sign language in a conversation can seriously affect the course of the meeting.The main thing - to use these gestures correctly.For example, saying a few flattering words to the interlocutor, nod his head in acknowledgment.A sincere smile and pause key, on your opinion, conversation areas will play an important role.Trying to flash wit is not necessary - likely to remain misunderstood.Chewing and smoking is also not desirable, even if you were offered a cigarette out of politeness.

How to talk to properly apply themselves

If this interview, then you surely face questions from podkovyrkoy: a previous job and reasons for leaving out, of what you expect in a new place, you can see how the company's development.Answer should be short, informative, without negativity.If asked a question about your shortcomings, answer that they are certainly there, but will not affect the work.

If you are asked to tell us about yourself, it is better not to indulge in long conversations about his biography.Light only aspects related to the work experience and list your skills and achievements.This once again confirms the quality of your business.You can do a minimum of personal information.The employer asks about this when there are prospects for private trips or overtime.

summarize.How to present yourself at the meeting:

  1. Do not be late - it is better you wait 10 minutes than the person to whom you want to make a good impression, you will have to wait half a minute.
  2. not show his emotion, stay natural, but straight and level.Be confident in their ability, advance to prepare various embodiments of the passage of the meeting.
  3. carefully screened and think over the words, not tambourine, do not rush.Clean, smooth voice - it is a sign of confidence.
  4. At the same time, learn to listen and ask questions about specific professional (better prepare them in advance).

parting with someone, thank him for the opportunity to meet with him, regardless of the result of the conversation.A sincere smile, a little easy good humor finally not interfere with the business conversation, but on the contrary, confirm the impression that you are a professional and confident person.