Which is better to connect the Internet ?

Which is better to connect the Internet ?

Internet.How much it means today.Someone finds in it a means to earn money, someone finds salvation from loneliness.Internet, these days, can be connected in several ways.Let's look at what methods are most promising and convenient.So, which is better to connect the Internet?

Connect Internet: ways

  • The first way to connect to the Internet was once a telephone modem.It is worth noting that the technology is outdated and could not compete with the speed offered by a cable connection.But again, once, this method is a virtual network was the only one.
  • The most common way to connect to the Internet - through the phone today - is ADSL-technology.Thanks to them, you can use the phone and the internet simultaneously.Typically, a user connects a special an ADSL-modem, which is connected to the telephone network.Phone and Modem Options are separated by splitter that allows you to use a single telephone connection to two devices - a computer and a phone.This method of connection for the first time poss
    ible to create unlimited calling.
  • next way to connect to the global network has come to replace the ADSL not so long ago.Wired connection to the Internet allows the user to divide the Internet and telephone.Now, the phone is free from interference and load on the PBX, and the Internet flows through a special wire that held in your apartment provider-person representative.That's what the Internet is best to connect.What gave a way to connect to the user?Incomparably high speed Internet appeared thanks to the wired Internet.The price of the Internet dropped significantly, as more and more people were connected to the world wide web.A large number of providers that provide access to the Internet, offering more favorable terms to its customers.Today it is a wired connection to the Internet is a priority.This is the cheapest and most reliable way to connect to the global virtual space.

The latest connectivity technology - a Wi-Fi technology.What it offers to the user?The main difference from the Wi-Fi, for example, wired internet - is freedom from clutter.In other words, your computer does not need any wires to connect to the Internet.You only need a Wi-Fi module, which would be able to receive information from the Wi-Fi center.This technology has received violent development when the market of computer technology gained popularity laptops.The fact that the laptop - is primarily a mobile computer.Accordingly, it can not be bound by any wires.The laptop must have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi receiver, as has been realized in recent years.It should be noted, however, that the Wi-Fi technology can not yet compete in the speed and reliability of a wired internet technologies, so Wi-Fi is useful only in special cases.

conclusion can be made as follows: to date, the best internet connection - the connection is by means of fiber-optic communication lines.That's what the Internet is best to connect.