Why ignore the guy ?

Why ignore the guy ?

Everyone knows that the prerogative of men in relationships considered certainty, while women must remain mysterious and unsaid.Unfortunately, in our time often happens is the opposite: men behave quite illogical, avoid liability and exposure, which gives them a reason to simply ignore the girl, instead of just talk.In this article, we describe why the guy ignores, and what to do to find a way out of this situation.

reasons for ignoring the man

So here's the simple reason why the guy ignores Woman:

  • shyness (man shy by nature, and it is easier to ignore the girl than to talk to her);
  • offense (man offended by the girl, and does not want to go first to the conciliation);
  • decision to part (called "care in English" when the girl did not even say that it broke up, they are "Pickup Girls");
  • strong disagreement (it is likely that the man got very angry, difficult for him and he has not yet moved away from strife);
  • abstraction (man belongs to the introverts who prefer no one to communicate and exp
    erience their problems alone, by virtue of their natural temperament);
  • employment (man too busy to study, work, and can not answer the phone);
  • aversion (so the guy can show his attitude to the girl, if she behaved indecently changed);
  • maintaining its status (if a guy ignores the girl in this case, he deliberately shows that she is not worthy of him and that he needed only to be consistent with its parameters).

Tips neglected girls

If you know the exact cause of detached behavior of your chosen, it remains only to decide what to do if a guy ignores.So girls who ignore, especially, you need to:

  • get rid of doubt and indecision, fear and inner (men do not like it very much);
  • stop thinking that it is better to stay with someone than to be one (a free woman always looks more attractive than the poor and non-free);
  • if you had a falling out, let cool negative feelings (perhaps it will take a lot of time, but it is better to wait than to flog a fever);
  • unobtrusive make the first step towards a shy guy to ignore it grew into a real feeling (but do not be too assertive, so as not to scare off);
  • forget the guy who left without saying a word (when the guy started to ignore you completely do not need to call or write - it's better to put all the energy on someone who will appreciate it, than knocking on a closed door)
  • really appreciate his guilt in a quarrel, and find a way to ask for forgiveness, if you are guilty (using the phone and email, if your partner does not want to talk to you);
  • leave narcissistic boy alone with themselves if you do not come to him on the status (such as the practice shows, rarely find a decent copy).