How to use Ckaypom ?

How to use Ckaypom ?

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Ckaypom How to use?

Communication technologies are moving strides on the path of progress.More recently, we talked with a conventional rotary phone or sitting at the post office, waiting for a long distance call.Today, thanks to the Internet and high technology, we can communicate with friends and family around the world for free.The most popular programs for negotiation uses Skype (Skype).

How to use Skype: help

consider in detail all the features of Skype.For details on downloading the program and the registration process can be found here.

program is installed, check passed.For ease of communication need to purchase and install a web camera, a microphone and headphones.Most of the models of modern webcams have a built-in microphone, so it makes no sense to buy it separately.

Now you need to figure out how to use Skype on a computer.First you need to enter in the "Contacts", select the sub-item "add a contact" in the window that opens, enter all the information a

bout your familiar, you know.Best of all, if you know his username on Skype.Then you will be able to quickly find and add contacts.If the login is not known, it is possible to find a person by email address or name and surname.But in the latter case, it may jump more than a dozen users of such data, and you have to browse them all to find the right person.After selecting all the right person, you send them a request to add a contact, then the reply message can communicate free of charge.You can write messages in a chat, and you can make a video call to the subscriber, provided that he has installed a webcam.Skype allows you to communicate directly with multiple users in a videoconference.Consider how to use Skype video detail.To make a video call, you must select a user from your contacts and click on the green button "Video Call" under his avatar.This opens a window with a screen on which, if the answer is, you will see the image online.Below the screen there are a few buttons, the appointment of which you will quickly figure it yourself.If you need to communicate directly with multiple users, then click on the plus sign and from the menu select the item "add participants" and so highlight all those who need to group communication.During the communication with the help of video, you can continue to work at the computer, as the window of the screen can be reduced by minimizing the program to tray and move in a comfortable corner of the screen for you.Additionally, through Skype you can call fixed and mobile phones to various countries.Calls are charged, the value can be found on the program website.Add funds to Skype, you can practically through any payment system.Another advantage of the program is the ability to be passed as a single user or an entire group of files of any size and format.To do this, press the "Talk", then "send" and "file".

How to use Skype on the phone

Many people, especially young people will be interested in the ability to install Skype on your mobile phone.The site has a Skype mobile version of the program, but the problem is that it is suitable for Android 2.1 and above, iPhone, three models of Sony Ericsson phones and several models of Nokia.Most of the mobile version users positive about the opportunity to chat with Skype remotely from the computer, and note in this case that the money is withdrawn only for Internet traffic.Call to mobile networks and landline phones using the mobile version of Skype does not make sense, since the total cost of the call through the program, plus payment of traffic is high enough.

How to use Skype and classmates

Recently Classmates Online, a new service - video call, for which you need the same equipment that is used in the Skype program.To make a call you must ensure that the person to whom we want to call is in the network.As soon as your partner will go to the site, the button "call" is activated and you can begin to chat.After clicking the button, you and your opponent have to see each other.Unfortunately, the video chat work blocking the main page of the site, and you will not be able to simultaneously talk and write messages to other users, view photos and videos or play your favorite games.

In conclusion, I wish to note that the interface is simple and clear, my seven year old daughter to understand all just a few minutes.I hope that installed on your computer program Skype will allow you to enjoy free communication with friends and family, located hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from you.