How to flash the D-Link?

How to flash the D-Link?

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How to flash the D-Link?

In the operation of the router can be a problem of unstable operation.This is especially true of older models of routers.Usually, the problem is solved by the device firmware to the latest version of the software.

In this article we will look at how to flash the router on the example of manufacturer D-Link.

As a self-flash router D-Link

  1. The first thing you want to specify the hardware version of your device.To do this, turn the router and find the necessary data on the label.
  2. Next, you need to download the firmware file from the official site of the manufacturer.Be careful when downloading files: you must select a program, it is appropriate for your version of the router.Download files, which has the latest date of publication on the website.
  3. Disconnect patch cords that connect the router and PC (leave only the power cord).
  4. desirable to disable the antivirus program.
  5. Then type in the address bar (or and
    press Enter.
  6. In the window that appears, enter the required standard for data entry.Usually, the user name - admin, password is the same - admin.Enter the data and click the OK button.
  7. then in the menu select the "Management" (management) and go to the "Update Software" (Software Update).
  8. Then click on the button "Browse" and select your firmware file.
  9. Then click "Update Software" and wait for the end of the operation.Usually the firmware takes three to five minutes.Please note that you will not touch the power and network cable during the procedure.If within ten minutes nothing happened, reboot the router and perform the operation again (with the third paragraph).
  10. Please also note that after the firmware is required to throw the router to factory settings.To do this, press the small button on the device, called Reset.
  11. Reboot the router.
  12. Next, you need to change the settings and enter the data that have been given by your ISP.To facilitate the process, save the necessary settings before starting work.

Once again we remind that during the software update in any case not touch the cable and perform other actions in the device menu.This is due to the fact that if the process is broken, the procedure will be complete only in the service center.In this case, the firmware will have to pay for so little money to specialists of the company.

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