Why do people believe ?

Why do people believe ?

Faith - is the right of every human being.We live in a modern, scientifically advanced society, where the human body, the mind, the world around us are studied thoroughly.However, no facts, speaking about the true version of the Creation and the absence in it of religious miracles, can not cause a person to turn away from his faith.Next, look at a few reasons why people believe in God and other people.

Why do people believe in God?

In today's world there are many religious directions, anyone can choose the most appropriate faith for him.Some of them learn from an article in whom to believe.However, most people adhere to the faith, which they have chosen parents.Why do people believe in God?

This question has been studied for a lot of centuries.It is worth noting that each believer is unique in its own way, each person has their own reason to believe.But we will talk about the major, global causes.

First, people believe because of the desire for a better life.After all religions promise a lot, a

nd most importantly, promise a better life.They give a belief that someone is watching and helping you, that any suffering in this life will be rewarded in the afterlife, in a new incarnation, in the garden and much more.

It dissatisfaction with his life pushes the person to faith.She gives him hope for new opportunities, the fact that a higher power to help you achieve the desired etc. Prayer -.. Request for assistance, ie replacement in the adult life of the child crying.

Secondly, children believe adults learn from their life, so adopt the belief in a higher power from them, but not all, as adults, rethinking their faith in God.In other words, many believed on inertia.

In addition, faith makes a person involved in something more substantial than himself, opens up new possibilities for communication.The believers of one religion always have something to share with each other.In other words, faith in modern society - is one of the clearest examples of "herd instinct": people tend to be part of a community institution, other people take for granted beliefs, not wanting to think for themselves.

People who believe deeply, unconditionally, all my life permeate faith, thus making it meaningful and brighter than the life of a simple man in the street.People follow the faith to fill the void.For example, some people are immersed in the faith after the shock, grief and bereavement.They seek power in faith, power that they have, they believe, is not enough to overcome the trials that fell to their lot.By faith you can survive the loss of a loved one, because religion says that you will meet in the other world ...

Faith - Energy for life.For some, a belief - it is the only stimulus for action, and in it they derive their vitality.

fear - another reason why people believe.Bullying hell retribution for the sins of the representatives of the religions so strongly entrenched in people's minds, that people train themselves to believe in God.After all, religion is able to let go of your sins, and then you just go to heaven, the main thing - time to repent.

People are always afraid and are afraid of death, because no scientist can prove that indeed nothing after death and there will be no trial, and you will not have to pay for your mistakes and sins.

why a person believes people?

Initially, people trust each other, and the question of whether people believe it or not, there is only the case if you ever cheated or did not meet your expectations.Confidence - it's hard.Believe people is not always easy, especially if you have betrayed, cheated.However, to live without trust people even more difficult, because you have to live in constant stress and tension, to keep everything under control.

In conclusion, it should be said that most people find it difficult to live without faith, because in this case it must be recognized that the responsibility for your life is only you, and no higher power or other person, except you, will not save you from the prevailingconditions.

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