What is wi-fi ?

What is wi-fi ?

Any Internet user today met with "Wi-Fi" logo at least once and most likely knows that a sticker with him in an institution or on the street means an area of ​​a wireless internet network wifi.This means that within a radius of 100 meters can connect to the Internet over a wireless network - it gives us the opportunity communication standard Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is really very deeply embedded in our lives.Connecting to the Internet via wi-fi now support not only computers and phones, and org.machinery, household appliances, and soon we will see the introduction to the life of the system of "smart homes" and automobile autopilot.

Even today, almost every Internet user knows what wi-fi, put in the home router that creates the wireless network.If you have not got your point of access to a wireless network, be sure to read this article http: // elhow.ru / internet / nastrojka-i-podkljuchenie-interneta / kakoj-router-vybrat-dlja-doma about choosing a router.Also helpful is this article that explains how to co

nnect to the wi-fi.

Wi-Fi Alliance

Wireless Ethernet Compability Alliance (Wi-Fi Alliance) - an alliance created the largest manufacturers of wireless equipment to support a single global standard device compatibility.The organization was created in 1999 by companies such as 3Com, Nokia, Cisco (ex Aironet), Symbol Technologies, and others.To date, the alliance includes 320 companies hardware developers.They are jointly developing a standard for wireless networking Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Fidelity - "Wireless Fidelity" from English.).This standard operates by specification IEEE 802.11 local area network zones.

IEEE 802.11 suggests the compound of the radio channels on the following frequencies:

  • 0.9 GHz;
  • 2.4 GHz;
  • 3.6 GHz;
  • 5 GHz.

Currently, IEEE 802.11 is a set of more than 28 radio standards, the most recent of which enable data transfer rate up to 600 Mbit / s at a distance of 300 meters.

Organizations in the alliance is constantly developing new communication standards as part of this specification to improve the quality of communication.Also, twice a year, the organization conducts compatibility analysis, during which checks presented new equipment manufacturers for compatibility with other manufacturers' equipment Alliance and certifies it.If you see a logo on the device "Wi-Fi", which means that it has been certified in the alliance and cooperation meets standards.