How to quit smoking and not get better ?

How to quit smoking and not get better ?

Recently, with an increase in deaths from lung cancer and heart attacks, most smokers try to say goodbye to the pernicious habit.After the question "How to quit smoking?" Many a natural question arises, "How to quit smoking and not gain weight?ยป

Can I get better, quit smoking?Statistics show that 90% dropped out of gaining about 5 kg.But after a while, most returned to normal weight.

Should I continue to smoke because of the fear to get better for a few kilos?Of course not!You can compare the damage caused by the body from smoking and the harm of a few extra kilos.Smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is equal to 50 kilograms of excess weight.

Why people get better after quitting smoking?

Smoking perfectly helps to suppress the excess weight.The truth is it costs the price of a healthy heart and lungs.

Smoking has side effects:

  • Burning calories.When smoking accelerates the heartbeat and metabolism becomes active.Therefore, when a person gets rid of the bad habit, his body burns 100 calories a
    day less.To metabolism returned to normal, should undergo at least several weeks, and sometimes months.While metabolism is not back to normal, perhaps weight will increase to 500 grams per week.
  • suppression of hunger.At hit of nicotine into the body, the liver starts to produce glycogen.Due to increased glycogen level of sugar in the blood, and the feeling of appetite markedly blunted.Once you stop smoking, the feeling of hunger will bother you much more often than before.
  • FEELING BETTER.One of the striking features of smoking is to increase in the brain "pleasure hormone" dopamine.The same effect can have a variety of sweets, chocolates and biscuits.It is therefore likely that the lack of cigarettes, you will replace high-calorie sweets.
  • Dullness taste recipes.Quit smoking, you will notice that the food has become richer aroma and flavor characteristics.
  • habit.With strong stress or boredom unbearable any smoker can hardly do without cigarettes.

How to get better, quit smoking:

If you were able to exert willpower to quit smoking and, after returning to normal metabolism, the time comes to healthy habits and overall weight control.

There are several ways:

  • correct portions.To avoid overeating, try to eat food more often, but small portions.This will save you from severe hunger and sitting down at the table, you will not want to eat anything it can fit.
  • Proper food.Pay more attention to the protein and dietary fiber.These substances can effectively fill your stomach and suppress hunger.Do not forget that they are very useful for digestion.
  • Work out.Get in the habit of jogging in the morning or at least 15 minutes of charging.Take the money to buy the subscription to a local fitness center.So you can not only take your free time, but also to correct the shape and health.

quit, forget about the extra weight:

Getting rid of a bad habit, remember the main thing - you're doing it for the sake of his health.Many people, quitting smoking, sit on a grueling diet, fear of gaining weight and spoil her figure.So, do not cause harm to your body almost impossible.Even quitting smoking can be a considerable shock to him.The famous professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh suggests that a person who simply dreams in order to quickly lose weight, destined to recover for a few kilos.

In no case, quitting smoking does not resort to nicotine replacement therapy, becausethe consequences could be unpredictable.And do not settle for a program that claims to rid you of the habit and do not gain weight.These programs are designed for pumping money from gullible people too need to be supported.