How to create a network between computers ?

How to create a network between computers ?

data network or a computer network - a kind of mechanism of connection of different computers.The very first time you connect your computer or laptop to the network settings, you must choose a network location.Thus, your firewall is automatically configured for the network.Network location only three: "Home Network", "Enterprise Network" "social network".

home network is characterized by the presence of multiple computers within a single apartment, and how to configure the home network, you can learn from our article How to make a home network.

Despite the fact that today there is a wide range of media such as flash drives, floppy disks, CDs, hard drives, etc., most relevant and most convenient is a method of transmitting data over a local network, it concerns computers and laptops.On the mechanism of creating a network between two laptops you can read in our article How to create a network between laptops.

Using the LAN within an office or one apartment can transmit a variety of information: ph

otos, audio, video files, as well as all sorts of documents, while users of PC using one Internet connection.

How to create a network: instructions

In this article, we'll show you how to set up a network between two computers on the example of operating system Windows 7. To do this:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel", select Windows Firewallare reset to the initial settings, click "Restore defaults".
  2. Turning off Windows Firewall (in the settings note two ticks) in order that we may subsequently not issued any mistakes.
  3. When the firewall is disabled, go back again to the "Control Panel" to connect to our network.To this end, a working group will learn the local network in the system settings (eg: MSHOME).Then choose - "Change settings".
  4. Restarting the computer.
  5. After turning on your computer go to the "Control Panel," then "Network Management and Sharing Center", where seeing that everything is connected via LAN.
  6. In the setting adapter settings, select LAN connection, right-click, select from the "Properties" list.Of the list of protocols, click Internet Protocol Version 4. Click on it 2 times the left mouse button and prescribe our IP-address.
  7. In the Edit shared before us two groups of access: home (or work) and total.
  8. In the home include sharing settings, disable shared password-protected, reserve.
  9. Similar operations are done in the total group and save.
  10. After all the above steps restart your computer, and then go back to the Control Panel.
  11. Select "Center systems and Sharing", click "Multiple Networks" and in front of us displays active computers in the local network created by us.Now you can go to any computer, anywhere in his folder and download the desired file or document.

How to connect a network between two computers based on the Windows XP operating system, you will learn details of the article How to set up a local area network.