How to make beaded curtains and drapes ?

How to make beaded curtains and drapes ?

Many of us have seen the curtains and the curtains made of fabric.Do you thought that they can be made of another material, for example, of beads.But how to make curtains of beads, what is the technology of works execution?It's not too difficult.

Products from beads - a combination of lightness and ease, and when the sun peeps - it's still hundreds of sunbeams, running around the room.This product can decorate any part of your home, from the bathroom and ending with the nursery or bedroom.

For the manufacture of curtains or curtains of beads used:

  1. beads, glass beads;
  2. wooden bar;
  3. fishing line, nylon or transparent nylon thread, tape, wire;
  4. scissors, needles.

Before you start work, you must decide on the cornice: kind, number and length of the holes.You can pick up the finished cornice.How to do this, please click here and you can take a piece of wood to length, drill the required number of holes.Fishing lines can be inserted through these holes, and you can buy decorative ring and thread t

o fix them.

are two types of beaded curtains: curtains, embroidery and patterned curtains.

Curtain embroidery

embroidery pattern is the basis for the curtains, which are made of small beads one invoice.These curtains can be hung on the window even as they form a closely spaced to each other beads.These curtains will be dense, and passers-by can not see your room from the street.

subsequent process is quite simple.Prepare the ledge, and then fix the thread to the eaves (fishing line, nylon thread) and begin to string beads on them by following the instructions below, you have chosen.Different forms of the lower edge may be obtained by shortening or lengthening the thread.The edge may be smooth, semi-circular or "ladder" - it all depends on your imagination and think of the composition.Also, do not forget that, as the curtain is attached to the wall.

Dialers curtains

Craft Bead curtains in typesetting style is quite simple.You will need beads, different in size, structure, shape and texture.Also may be suitable shells, stones, handmade beads with drilled holes.Base and fixing the same as in the manufacture of curtain-embroideries.

thread must be both strong and rather thick (even the smallest detail of a hole should be at her strung loosely).There are two ways of processing threads:

  1. with a strict order of alternation of used items;
  2. a chaotic alternation of the order - beads and other decorative elements are used for mood.

various decorative elements can be made of various materials: clay, wood, ceramics, paper.The ends of the strands can also decorate, for example, the colors of beads or other masterpieces beading.More on this can be found in this article.

These curtains perform a decorative function.Also you can use different combinations of beads of different sizes, shapes and textures.And to create the effect of frozen drops you need crimp beads - small metal beads, which are clamped on the line and support the bead or beads.

Where to use beaded curtains?

  1. Such a gift would be appreciated by lovers of comfort and warmth.
  2. Short curtains or bead curtains can be used in the bedroom or in the kitchen for interior design.A longer version of the curtains suitable for doors between rooms - in this case, the curtain will divide the room and at the same time will not delay the flow of air in hot weather.
  3. The design of cafes, clubs and other public institutions are using beaded items.For example, in the American pub can be made in the form of a curtain of the American flag.These decorative elements can divide the room into smaller areas that will create an atmosphere of intimacy and informality.

If it does the idea of ​​creating blinds and curtains of beads you had not like or for you it is very difficult to offer you view the article, which gives details about what else can be done from the beads.