How to set a password for wi-fi?

How to set a password for wi-fi?

Previously did not make sense to install wi-fi on my laptop.Find the application was considered almost impossible for him.Today, nearly all cafes, restaurants, clubs offer their services, taking into account the availability of wireless Internet access.

Password for wi-fi

information about this program, you can find everywhere, but how to set a password for wi-fi - you learn about it from us.Wi-fi - it is a device with which you will be able to enjoy the presence of the network, without the hassle of wires.But, in order to restrict access to the Internet or who you need to set a password.This is the easiest and free way.

To get started, you need to connect the router to your computer.Then configure the router is best, and only then start to set a password.To do this, configure access to the wireless network.And subsequently notify your authorized user for a password.We recommend to periodically change your password to a more confident and secure to use wi-fi system.Step


For more intuitive algorithm of actions, offer step by step instructions:

  • Connect to the router computer.
  • Go to the designated address of the network.Note that some address is different.
  • Lights window, where you have to specify the username and password.It is advisable to memorize it, in order to avoid subsequent problems.
  • In the left corner will be offered options.For us, the right - Set wi-fi.Go to this section, because we need to work in it.
  • Now we need to check whether the network is enabled.This we can see in the section of the general settings.
  • Here we will be able not only to create an access point, but also to hide it.Then go to be able to those people for whom the name is available.
  • Pick up her name.It may be a city, and a name, and a set of Latin letters.The advantage is also that you can choose the appropriate country and specify it.You are cautioned that automatically point will still work.At the end is maintained.
  • proceed directly to the password.It is installed under the security settings.There will need to provide a password to access.Again we remind - do not forget your password.
  • If your point in a device often gives bad signal or non-existent, it is necessary to set the value of the period to zero.This will have to change your password.

Be sure to keep all that you have entered, so as not to have to learn again how to set a password for wi-fi.Reload the router and try to log into the network, after the newly created password.

Change Password

If you have a need to change the password, to begin with, you will need to delete the old connection wi-fi, after they upgrade.Create a new password and have to go under it.

Thus, your password is wi-fi is not available, thanks to our instructions how to set a password for wi-fi.And its safety is in your hands.The fewer people in your community will know him, the more secure will be your job to the network.