How to install water meters ?

How to install water meters ?

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How to install water meters?

Water meter - a water metering device consumed us for domestic purposes.Counters can not only control the water flow, but also to save on utility bills as payment of water according to the norm, as a rule, are much higher.Periodically, it is necessary to replace the meter, since their period of continuous operation is limited to a period of verification (for cold water - 6 years, for hot - 4 years).After this period you must either hand over the counter in fact or replaced.Accordingly, the procedure we install all the water meter face, at least one time in 6 years (and in the presence of hot water - 1 4 times a year).

Set counter to the water can be, both independently and with the help of a professional plumber.Consider the case of self-installation of water meter.

Replacing the old meter with a new

This option is simple, as it requires minimum time and material costs.We need a new counter on the water with a set attacher an

d gaskets, as well as an adjustable or pipe wrench.

  1. Please be sure to shut off the water from the riser using the closest stopcock.After that - to ensure its reliability, open the nearest faucet.Wherein the mixer should leave only a little water (residual pressure).
  2. Once the water stops flowing from the tap, unscrew the union nut counter via an adjustable wrench or gas.Untwisting nuts produced in the direction of clockwise.
  3. After removing the old counter and old gaskets, check the remaining pipe attacher.They must be free of obvious defects and damage.If the old attacher had deteriorated, they should be replaced by a new (supplied with the new counter).Replacing old with new gaskets strictly required!If you are satisfied with the quality of attacher, while setting a new counter on attacher old and new gaskets.As a rule, all the apartment water meters have the same installation length, so you do not have to go shopping and look exactly the same counter as the set you have.You can use any counter from the nearest store plumbing.
  4. tighten the nuts.
  5. Open the shut-off valve.
  6. Close the faucet and check if there are any water leaks.When properly installed and tightened attacher any leaks should not be.Be sure to pay attention to the flow direction of the pointer on the meter when it is installed.
  7. After checking the open faucet leaks, and check the operation of the counter.With the passage of water through the meter it must change the numeric values, reflecting the specific water consumption.

Setting counter "from scratch"

This option is difficult, because you'll need additional tools and materials for cutting into attacher pipe and the meter itself.Under this option, it is recommended to consult a professional plumber, or without special knowledge and skills installation of pipes and fittings, problems will arise.

However, if you did not stop, you must first determine the location of future installation of a water meter and buy at least two fittings for connecting pipes with attacher counter.Overall length of the counter usually is 110 mm, and with attacher - 200 mm.So as to set the counter to the water in this case?

  1. will take to dismantle a straight section of pipe and install the two fittings to go with your pipe internal thread 1/2 ". It is in an internal thread 1/2" will need to be screwed attacher counter.After removing the pipe section and the installation of the pipe fittings distance between them should be about 170 mm.
  2. Thereafter, each fitting screwed attacher.attacher thread must be screwed into the threaded fitting about 15 mm.Threaded connections necessarily assembled using sanitary flax, fum-tape or other sealant to seal threaded connections.
  3. try on the counter After installing attacher.Between attacher and the counter should be a distance of about 1 mm on each side.This is the distance you need to install spacers between the counter and the attacher.
  4. further made all the steps in the first section.

After installing the water meter is required to have to contact your service provider for sealing the counter.Only after filling the utility will take into account the testimony of your water meter.If the meter is installed, but not sealed, the payment will still be charged according to the norm.

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