How to clean suede shoes ?

How to clean suede shoes ?

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How to clean suede shoes?

Suede Shoes looks quite stylish and impressive.However, this kind only if it has the proper care - when it has a uniform color, and all the fibers are in place and in a pure state.For suede - material moody, spoiled very quickly and requires constant care.Cleaning suede shoes is much more complicated than the shoeshine other materials.We have prepared for you a few tips to help make the process less time-consuming, and the result is better quality.So, how to clean suede shoes?

Method 1 against dirt and scuffs

  1. Shoes must first be dried.By the way, suede shoes in any case can not be dried near the heating pipes.It is necessarily very dry at room temperature.For faster drying, you can try to put the shoes inside old newspapers - they absorb excess moisture.
  2. Take special brush for cleaning suede shoes - it can be purchased in almost any shoe stores.
  3. Even special brush should not be to make the chaotic movements and rubbing
    "to the holes" surface of the shoe.Use it to remove the top layer of dried mud, while moving in one direction, as if combing.
  4. more effort when exposed to a brush must be applied in the areas of abrasions, to raise the nap.Also, these places can be a little scratched with a knife.
  5. If some spots do not fade after exposure to the brush, try to rub them in the usual eraser.
  6. After cleaning, be sure to put on shoes special agent for suede.

Method 2: Removing stains from water

  1. To remove stains from water, blotted blurred place with a sponge or a dry cloth.This can be further moisten the stain from the water, rub it with a brush for suede, and then apply the cloth - so moisture will be more evenly distributed over the surface.
  2. necessary to wrap the shoes outside the paper.Do not use the paper - it can leave fingerprints.Newspaper can be used to dry the inside.
  3. After drying lightly and treat shoe brush suede - to return to her beautiful look.

Method 3: For removing oil stains

Apply a little cornstarch on the stain and leave for the night.The next day, treat the place of the steam iron.Also, if the spot has had time to dry out - it is possible to rub the nail file.

Method 4: Remove stains gum

Do not try to rub a stain or wet.It is necessary to put the shoes in the freezer immediately.After freezing the chewing gum becomes hard and it can be either break off or scrape or brush the same nail file.

method 5. Withdrawal

blood stains the treated surface with cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide.Better without rubbing and soak product - as long as blood not hatch completely from the material.

method 6. Stain from

ink as soon as possible ink blot with a dry cloth.If they have already managed to dry up, you will have to use sandpaper.Also try to wet the stain with an alcohol swab.

Method 7: Removing stubborn salt

In this case, you will help ordinary vinegar.A small amount of white vinegar to put on a dry cloth, and then attach it to the place of contamination.

8. Cleaning method without special brush

This cleaning is also possible, however, you need to be very careful not to spoil the product.Treat first steam shoes, and then rub the place dirt or abrasions nail file - to lift the villi.

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