To take out the trash ?

To take out the trash ?

waste problem consistently holds a leading position in the discussions at all levels.This is understandable, because in every human being from developing countries accounted for 2 kilograms of solid waste per day.As for the inhabitants of our country, the problem also remains relevant.In some regions, there is still no landfills, while waste legislation can only take out there, otherwise the legal entity engaged in transportation, let threatens not very big, but fine.

Who will take out the trash?

In large cities, the question of where to take out the garbage, not worth it.There are many competing organizations that are engaged in the export and disposal of not only domestic, but also other types of hazardous waste.By the way, according to the law of any waste is called "dangerous", so the carrier and recipient of waste (landfill or organization engaged in processing) must be provided by qualified, certified personnel work.Organization works on waste management for individuals, as a rule, is engag

ed in the operating company, which concludes the relevant contract.

But this agreement does not provide removal of bulky waste.Disposal of such waste to be ordered separately, usually every 1-2 months by prior arrangement.If the house is new, the residents need to independently solve the problem of where to take construction debris.If for repair hired specialized organizations, the cost of removal is usually taken into account in the estimate;if work is done on their own, that issue should be solved directly with the company, as on individual removal services are not cheap.

who transports waste from the activity of the enterprises?everything is much more serious for legal entities.There must be a contract with the carrier and garbage landfill (trilateral or agency), a draft of how much waste is generated annually, and made quarterly payments to the budget for the negative impact on the environment.