Why the cold feet ?

Why the cold feet ?

Many people complain that they are constantly cold feet.This delivers considerable discomfort and causes worry about their health.Try to understand why the feet are always cold, and how dangerous it is for health.

Below are the main possible causes of feet cool and a number of measures to prevent the feet cool.

Why do people often cold feet?

natural reason that cold feet, lies in their very structure.The layer of fat on the feet is very small, namely, the fat helps to retain heat.In addition, during cold feet vessels are narrowed, because the blood drain from them to the inner body, to warm them in the first place.

But if your feet are cold even in warm temperatures may have disorders related to health, and should seek medical attention.

Here are the main medical causes cold feet:

  • Circulatory problems.It is in poor blood circulation is disturbed blood supply to the small blood vessels located in the legs;
  • Abnormalities in the thyroid gland.
  • Age-related changes.After 50 years, weakened imm
    une system, you may experience hormonal problems and failures in the circulatory system.This leads to freezing of the legs.
  • low blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • Anemia.
  • varicose veins.
  • At temperatures can also be cold feet.This is due to vascular spasm caused by the disease.In this case, before the shoot down the temperature, it is necessary to warm the feet.

What should I do to warm the feet?

If doctors did not reveal any serious violations, and legs still often cold, we must find ways to keep them warm.

  • Carefully choose shoes according to the weather and the size.Too tight shoes can contribute to freezing feet.
  • Knowing the feature, get the habit of always wearing warm socks or slippers.
  • Take vascular strengthening.You will be a douche and hot foot bath.
  • At the first sign of freezing feet do yourself a foot massage.First you need to vigorously rub the soles of the feet, then massage the fingers.Immediately after the massage to the legs need to wear warm, heated socks.
  • Try to limit smoking - nicotine narrows blood vessels.
  • In the winter time should be changed a little food.Eat more fruits, fish, meat, buckwheat.It is necessary to drink plenty of warm drinks, especially fruit drinks and fruit compotes.
  • daily charge will help in the gradual strengthening of the blood vessels.
  • Coming out of the house into the cold, drink a cup of hot broth or fat spiced tea.

Why the child cold feet?

Many parents worry to find in their baby cold feet.Indeed, if a child is sick, has a fever, and legs with ice, they should immediately warm, wearing warm socks or putting a hot water bottle.

But if his feet are cool, and the child does not complain about the cold, then do not worry.Through the legs carried thermoregulation, and sometimes, to lose less heat on the leg vessels constrict.This is a completely natural process that says that the child is all right with the heat exchange.

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