How to deal with aphids ?

How to deal with aphids ?

Aphids (Latin name Aphidoidea), are a superfamily of insects, there are 10 families, which includes about 4000 species.In Europe, there are about 1,000 species of aphids.Some species live on plants of one species, while others may reside on any plants.Aphids lay eggs in autumn.With the onset of spring warmth and plant growth, they are actively propagated by eating young greens.

Such sedentary and harmless insect in appearance really can bring irreparable damage to the crop plants.Settling on young shoots, aphids suck the juices from the fresh shoots and kill the young plants.In addition, they carry viral infections that cause gall formation on the leaves of plants.Recent weaken plants and lead to their death.

destroying the host plant, the aphids produce offspring with wings, which is based on a different plant.The highest activity of aphids reach by June.During eating the green plants, aphids secrete honeydew.This is a very sweet substance the liking of ants, which can often be seen near the clu

sters of aphids.How do you know that in the area there were aphids?We reveal

attack aphids

  • main way to detect the attack, is visual.When viewed on the buds and young shoots of plants can be seen large clumps of green, black or brown aphids.It is necessary to examine the undersides of leaves, there are going to the highest concentrations of aphids.
  • The appearance of aphids shows Pad - sticky liquid that distinguishes aphids.It can be seen on the infected leaves and buds.
  • aphids affected leaves and buds appear underdeveloped, the buds were not disclosed, the leaves are rolled down and wither.
  • Among insects can be seen discarded old skin aphids in the form of scraps of whitish color.

war begins

options, how to deal with aphids, which appeared on the site a few:

  1. Mechanical removal.It involves the removal of aphids from plants hands and flushing of the water jet from a hose.
  2. biological way to combat aphids:
    • Birds.There are several species of birds, destroying aphids.These include chickadees, warblers, wrens blood oranges, linnet, robins, robins and sparrows.They fed their nestlings aphids.It is necessary to attract birds to your site, for example, arranging the feeders and birdhouses.
    • Insects.Ladybug, flies, hoverflies, lacewings, earwigs and several species of wasps eat the aphids with great pleasure.You can attract these insects to your site landed fragrant herbs, nettles and green manure.The larvae of ladybirds and lacewings can be purchased in specialized centers and by mail.
    • Plants.Some plants (nasturtium, soporific poppy kosmeya, mallow, linden viburnum and) very attractive to aphids.To protect their culture, to attract aphids will land these plants away from them.There are some plants that are not very fond of aphids;how to deal with it, using the planting of these plants, every gardener should identify himself, because of the particular circumstances.To scare away the aphids, can be planted on a plot of onions and garlic, as well as Dalmatian chamomile.
  3. Chemical War.The most popular for centuries and proven means of chemical control of aphids are soft soap and cooking oil.The solution of these drugs are sprayed with clusters of aphids.On two glasses of water divorced two tablespoons of liquid soap and one tablespoon of vegetable oil.The drug coats the aphids and does not let her breathe.Spraying should be performed once every few days to complete destruction of the aphid population.