Reduces foot , what to do?

Reduces foot , what to do?

Each of us at least once in life was driving leg.This is an unpleasant feeling of extreme tension, sometimes brings pain.In a situation where you have a reduces legs that can and should be doing?

In most cases, cramps begin suddenly and are short-lived.Causes of seizures varied.Some diseases are accompanied by convulsions, such as venous insufficiency, diabetes, flat feet.In addition, seizures may cause poor nutrition, due to which there is a shortage in the body of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B and D.

Reduces leg muscles what to do

To help yourself during seizures,you must:

  • not panic.
  • One way to restore blood circulation - to stand on both feet.Usually the leg that cramped, you do not feel, but try to distribute your weight evenly.
  • also help you to stop spasm and tingling massage the muscles that cramped.Gently, but intense muscle rub, moving it up and down.
  • In addition, you can put your feet on the floor and roll over them with the toe to the heel.
  • If you can not move my leg, help himself with his hands.Tighten the toe, then rolling your it in the opposite direction.Just do not overdo it, the movement should be smooth and not sharp, otherwise the pain may worsen.
  • At long spasm is recommended to apply a warm towel or a compress, you can also use the ointment warming.
  • To avoid repeated seizures occurred after its termination, it is necessary to lie down and raise your legs slightly for a few seconds to allow the outflow of blood.

emergency aid measures in convulsions you've learned.If cramps are regular, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests to determine the cause of seizures.However, any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.So check out the measures of prevention of seizures:

  1. not wear uncomfortable shoes.
  2. Try to distribute the load on your feet so that they are very tired.
  3. Do strengthening exercises for the legs, in addition, you can go jogging.Remember, the movement - that's life.But everything is good in moderation.
  4. In the evenings, arrange for their legs douches or baths.
  5. releases tension in the legs with exercise.
  6. Proper nutrition.Eat foods high in calcium (eg, dairy products, beans), potassium (dried fruits, nuts, bananas), and magnesium (bran).Also, drink plenty of water.
  7. Watch your weight.
  8. If the legs are usually driving at night, try sleeping in woolen socks.The heat helps to relax the muscles.

Exercise: how to release tension in the legs

  • flexion and extension of the toes.
  • circular rotation of the foot with stretched legs.This exercise is easy to do, even sitting at your desk.
  • Pulling sock so that the foot and the foot formed a line, and then relax your feet.Exercise is sitting.
  • Put your feet on the outer edges and potopchites.Do this while sitting on a chair or on the couch, then put the foot on the inside edge and again potopchites.

These light exercises to help relax stiff legs and stimulate circulation.

What if cramped leg while you have sailed, because the situation is very dangerous.Firstly, if you are prone to seizures, do not swim away.Secondly, hypothermia promotes seizures.Be very careful, get to the point where you can stand on your feet, leave the body of water and rub his leg.When

cramped toes, what to do?Do not strain your fingers, from this pain will only intensify.Try to relax them, put a foot on a flat surface, bring the fingers into a normal position by hand.

If sudden leg cramp, what to do, you know.Remember, seizures may be a signal of various diseases.If this phenomenon occurs regularly you and even often, consult your doctor for advice.