What to do: flooded neighbors ?

What to do: flooded neighbors ?

neighbors Flooding top is a real headache for many people.Often neighbors themselves are not to blame, but this does not detract from the issue of what to take in such a situation.

In this article, we will consider what to do if you have filled in the neighbors, which should be treated and how to solve this problem in a civilized way.

How to stop flooding

The first question that arises at every person who got into this situation - what to do when the neighbors poured apartment.

  1. First of all we must try to neutralize the leak.Of course, first you have to completely block the water supply using the valves in your apartment.If this do not work, you should seek emergency manager of the house, to block water around the entrance.
  2. Then you must make a call to the emergency services and wait for its arrival.It is advisable to take a picture of a leaking place and try to contact the neighbors that you have filled in.

Fixing the damage

When fixing the damage caused to you first of all need to reme

mber that you should not clean up the room and put things in order.If the damage was severe enough, then you need to first take a picture of the whole room, as well as those places that have received the most damage, as you can make videos.

document, which confirms the fact of flooding in your apartment, is the act of flooding.This document is issued in two copies, drawn up by the Commission, which includes representatives of the witnesses and of the management company.One copy shall remain with you, and the other is given to the management company.

What should be reflected in the act of flooding

Once you have taken the first steps to eliminate the leak, waited for emergency services and started to draw up a report flooding you need to go through all the points and to fill them.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the item in which you have to reflect the cause of the flooding.The reason may be damaged pipes, neglect neighbors, as well as the negligence of the management company.Very often, in this case, refer to the independent expert.
  2. Next you should list a list of the devastation caused by the damage caused by flooding.It is necessary to include all the aspects associated with property damage due to flooding.
  3. important point in the preparation of the act is the fact that the presence of your neighbors.If they refuse to be present at the drawing up of the act, it should be fixed in the relevant paragraph.
  4. you must make an estimate in the amount of damage caused.This estimate need to be together with the independent expert that assesses the value of the property.Once the budget you have to go through all the members of the commission to obtain a signature.Also, do not forget to sign it themselves, otherwise the act would be invalid.

to court to recover damages

As a rule, severe damage to resolve the situation without trial is not possible.When applying to the court to recover damages from your neighbors, you will need the following documents, namely a copy of the act of flooding, defective act, in which you must specify the value of damaged property, as well as repair costs, the estimate for the repair work and the documents, which confirmyour ownership of the apartment.

Note that even if the fact that your neighbors are on top you have filled in, thereby causing damage to the property will be set, it does not mean that they will be required to pay you the required amount immediately after the court decision.Usually, the court gives the time for payment of the entire amount (3 months).

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