How to become free?

How to become free?

From birth, we are dependent on their parents, not independent and helpless.We are not free in their desires, behavior and actions, we have corrected, prohibit, restrain, govern ... We are growing and dreaming that when become large, it will certainly do what we want ... But gradually, becoming independent, we do not get free.We bear the burden of responsibility for a lot of things, parents, family, children, work, school ... constantly experiencing anxiety and concern for privacy, the opinions of others, health, future, its inevitable old age ... Sometimes it becomes unbearable, and I want to throw alland to be on a desert island, to be free of problems and by taking everyday decisions.So, how to become a free man?

French writer Jean de La Bruyere wrote: "To be free is not to indulge in idleness, and to decide himself what to do and what not to do."Now the development of new therapeutic techniques and methods, but do not rush headlong into their studies, so as not to hurt yourself.Also held a lot

of seminars and trainings on the topic such as: Be free fast How to stop worrying and be free, and so on.But why spend a lot of money when you need to learn just a few simple tips you can follow to feel much freer and happier?

The main thing that you need to understand that freedom does not consist in the fact that you can do whatever you want!Many people think that losing all, we gain freedom: throw all the family and all the things to leave, to leave, to escape, to leave in the end ... - Freedom is not an escape from responsibility, but rather the opposite.

  • first, where to start - to get rid of their habits.In the first place - by harmful.We are so dependent on them that much to do unconsciously, at the subconscious level.It is difficult, it is necessary to break itself, but if you try, and it will be the first step to freedom - freedom from habits.
  • Believe in yourself, in your strength, you - unique and inimitable personality.Learn all that you're interested.Do not be discouraged if something does not work at first is not the way you would like.Believe that everything will be fine, and you will reach a certain level of skill.Work to be what you want, where you are comfortable and quiet, even for a small salary.Of course, much of the world depends on the money, but not you!Remember, all not make any money, and you're on the second step to freedom - freedom from the money.
  • next step, become self-reliant!How to gain freedom, if we ourselves do not know how to do?We must learn to do everything yourself!Remember how adults say the baby if something does not work - do not whine, do not cry, but try to do it again!Becoming independent, do help those who need help, but does not require it.
  • Try to listen to your heart, it will not disappoint.Listen to your inner desires.Not litsemerte, do not try to please everyone and in everything!Be yourself in the actions, desires, words.Let not such as all, somewhere in a country where, even wonderful, but nothing to anyone and should not be obliged to.
  • Do not hold a grudge against other people, more forgiving.Often the burden of the past does not give us to go further, we are not free, marking time, again and again, reliving moments from the past: undone action, untold time the word failure, mishap, which is the culprit you are ... Try to let go of the problem and the people who have caused usoffense, realized his mistake and move on.So you'll be free from other people and the views of others.
  • last thing we can advise, try to find yourself!Often, we are dependent on fear of change, fear to change something, to take in his life something new, unknown and unusual.Everything in our life is ordinary, monotonous, humdrum and monotonous ... Do not be afraid of change, try to change something in your life, in the daily routine, plan your weekends and holidays.Perhaps you will discover new horizons.Your life will become much more interesting and colorful.And the question is: how to become free?- It is no longer relevant for you.

you in a different way to look at the goods become everyday worries and responsibilities, and think about it, it is too heavy and neposilen?After all, as he said E.M.Remark Available only one who lost everything that is worth living!