Why is high blood pressure ?

Why is high blood pressure ?

more people complain of high blood pressure in today's society.Despite the fact that many refer to it lightly and do not treat it, high blood pressure - a serious disease that progresses over time and can seriously harm the person.To diagnose it on time and begin treatment, you need to find out what is high blood pressure and why it rises.

Why is high blood pressure: the main reasons

High blood pressure, which appears regularly, also called hypertension.What happens in humans with hypertension?

blood to all the organs and tissues of the human body arteries supplying network.Blood is needed for saturation organs with nutrients and oxygen.If for some reason the narrowed artery, the blood flows much smaller, and then the heart tries to compensate for the lack of blood.Heart increases blood flow in the artery narrowing place, which leads to increased blood pressure.

There is also a secondary hypertension when high blood pressure is a symptom of some other disease.However, secondary hypertension is

much rarer and pass completely after the treatment of the disease.

high blood pressure symptoms

Unfortunately, very often high blood pressure does not feel as long as the disease does not take the form of running.Launched undiagnosed hypertension can seriously threaten the lives of the sick, for example, triggering a heart attack or stroke.

Still, some signs can help you diagnose hypertension and in the early stages.High blood pressure may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, anxiety, disruption of the heart, increased sweating, darkening of the eyes, and severe headache.If some of these signs appear frequently, you should immediately consult a doctor.


high pressure Doctors agree that high blood pressure has complex causes.For hypertension often cause stress and anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance regime of work and rest, sedentary lifestyle.You agree that in one way or another, these risk factors have in any modern human.

Malnutrition - another cause of high pressure.This is especially true of high salt intake.High salt content in your food product gradually worsens the condition of blood vessels - they become brittle, lose their elasticity.

Promotes the development of hypertension, alcohol and smoking.In large quantities of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes accelerate the heart rate, thus increasing the pressure on the walls of blood vessels.

Overweight also overstrains body, so that the pressure rises.In addition, sometimes hypertension can have genetic causes.

high pressure prevention

can greatly reduce the risk of developing hypertension if develop the habit to monitor their health.A proper diet, daily exercise, restful sleep and active - are the main ways of preventing high pressure.You should try not to bring themselves up to the stress, avoid strong fatigue.A good result will get rid of extra kilos, restricting smoking and alcohol consumption.

Remember that when chronic hypertension should see a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate medication.

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