What should be the site?

What should be the site?

question of what should be a site of discussion, however much some of the requirements to websites remain unchanged, and it is for them to say, and we will.

What should be on the site?

Perhaps the most important thing in a good site - it is its contents or, as they say, content.And such content must necessarily be homogeneous, that is quite fit a specific topic, or even close topics.Agree, it is strange to see on the site dedicated to pets, an article on any computer shooter.It is much more appropriate to give to such a site description of the game about the treatment of animals, well, or, at worst, the addition to the game Sims - Pets (pets), so if you want, to the topic of computer games was necessarily represented on the site.Another unfortunate example: go to the website dedicated to the Russian language, and there is plenty of political information.After all, we have come to read about the rules of grammar, to find interesting books and articles about the language - at least, for other langu

ages, but in any case is not about which political party wins the next election, or what he said about the nextMiddle East conflict, the Minister of foreign Affairs.

key to success - a specialized website

why I brought you these examples?Because the most important thing when creating a good website (and the other here and we do not consider) - is its target audience, those visitors who visit it once, will stay on it for a long time, ideally - for several years.And this can be achieved only by following strictly the subject site.And notice what it definitely is, the more likely to attract visitors to the site.Make a website about video games - there must be the only ones.If you want to talk about movies - create another site.Some sites create a very very narrow topic, but as a rule, they are pursuing not only commercial objectives.If you need to create exactly selling site - determine one specific subject - not too narrow, but not too wide.For example, the same computer games - the theme is already very wide.Why not create a website dedicated to, for example, the space simulator?Or business simulations?The same thing - the theme of the movie.Sites about the films today are many, and you take and create a site about melodramas or lyrical comedies.There, however, it is now too short, but the idea, I think, you understand: a large theme generates a segment that is close to you, and create a website.Make a website about modular furniture - excluding, for example, furniture for garden or computer desks, and leave only sets.You make a website about canaries - no need to write it about cats or dogs, such sites Sea.Make a website about science fiction - leave romance and so alone, etc.

Design site Today, thanks to the development of languages ​​and programming systems for sites to have an infinite number of different design "chips".Sometimes, you come to the website and you think: who did it at all?An incredible mix of colors, everything shimmers, blinks.What do you think how much the average visitor will stay on this site?The most resistant - maximum half an hour, and the majority is enough for one minute.Even if the site will be a lot of the necessary information, but, certainly, there are other sites where you can get the exact same information, but without excess "flush" and a riot of color.Hence the conclusion: the site design has to be laid out in color performance, and in respect of a variety of interactive elements - the latter should not be much.As for colors, it is not necessary to make the site too bright (if there is no good reason), and do not try to combine the design too many colors and shades.Practice shows that the color on pages 2-3 - the best option.If you so want, play around a bit with the shades of these colors.For example - blue, dark blue, light blue, or black, gray, steel, or yellow, lemon, orange and yellow.

about flash animation and advertising

Modern flash animation can be very beautiful, but often the creators of the site border crossing and then it becomes annoying from attractive.If you too love "special effects", put some nice USB flash drive on the title, but let it be unobtrusive and does not jump to full screen when the user has found, and reads the necessary information.And sometimes so bored on sites written in good old HTML.Although they now meet and look, I must say, where more solidly stuffed flush sites, especially with the right selection of colors.Also, it is important to comply with the measure in the presence of advertising on the site.I used to use one service to upload pictures, but for two years using others.Because the old service there was so many all kinds of pop-up ads that go there every desire has disappeared, and his popularity has fallen significantly.Especially annoying inscriptions such as: "Your computer is detected the Trojan" or "your page in contact hacked".What do they expect?Although one of the advertising task they performed brilliantly - scared away all the normal visitors.And a few words about what should be the size of the site.

What size of the site must be

In fact, the size on the number of pages can be anything.Everything depends on that topic that you have chosen as the basis for creating the site.It is understood that the site of the films would take much more space than the site of the old bus, and a website dedicated to medicinal plants of any region will be a fraction of the site dedicated to the cult video game.Therefore, the number of pages does not matter.Much more important is the size of the page.It is advisable to carry out the layout of site pages so that visitors as little as possible use the scroll function - vertically or horizontally.Of course, this is not always possible to avoid, but this should be pursued and is particularly important that the page was placed on the screen horizontally.I think now you understand how to be a site.