What if I choke ?

What if I choke ?

Choking occurs when the respiratory system fall into alien organism body.It can happen to anyone - the rhythm of life is changing, and more and more often have to "eat on the go", and in fact in this is not careful chewing, can happen very unpleasant consequences - small food particles enter the neck and asphyxia occurs.If not immediately help the victim, then after four minutes, brain death occurs.Therefore, you must know what to do if a person choking.

all of us known method - a pat on the back does not help, as we used to think, but on the contrary, aggravates the situation.From pat foreign bodies are still down the airway.So what to do if choking?Doctors recommend to start intense coughing - this is the natural and most affordable way to get rid of foreign bodies in the throat.

If a person can not be for a few minutes to cope with asthma attacks, it is necessary to call an ambulance, but for now she was going to use the so-called method Heymliha:

  1. necessary to get up from behind and wrapped
    his arms around the waist of the victim, the body should be tiltedforward;
  2. Attach a clenched fist with the thumb on the abdomen, just above the navel and below the rib cage;
  3. free hand sharply and strongly to press into the abdominal cavity.Repeat this operation until the foreign object is not yet released from the body.

This method would be good to study in advance, at the right time to know how to help a person.

What if the baby choked

much more difficult situation, when in place of the injured a small child, because he alone can not clear his throat, and even ask for help.Therefore, every mother should know what to do if the child began to choke.

To do this it must be remembered that the aid is carried out in two directions - a pat on the back and pressure on the abdomen.If the child can not breathe on their own, then you need to do CPR until the ambulance arrives.

For starters, you can try to pat the baby's back, resting it on his knees upside down.Strike between his shoulder blades a few times, then turn over on his back and repeatedly put pressure on the stomach.Be sure to check the mouth after that.If breathing is restored, it is necessary to calm the child, because the stress it can remember for a long time.

dog choked on what to do

It often happens that the dog begins to cough and choke.This may be due to the fact that the food was dry and poorly chewed dog bone.What to do in such a situation, because the animal can not report your issue.

It is advisable to immediately call a veterinarian if this is not possible, the doctor or going for a long time, you can try to help the dog yourself.To do this, open wide mouth and try to get the thing stuck tweezers, well, if the other person at the same time will keep the dog's body.

When a foreign body stuck in the esophagus should induce vomiting.It is recommended to pour into the animal's throat a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and slow movements to push the object into the stomach.

Contact crumbs and bones in the respiratory tract is fraught with unpleasant consequences for human life, but now you know what to do if choking person.