Why the pressure drops ?

Why the pressure drops ?

People usually survive longer due to high blood pressure, because it is really a serious threat not only to health but for life.However, to live a low-pressure high-grade can not be, because it provides a sense of impotence, dizziness, depression.Moreover, low blood pressure can often be the companion of serious diseases.Let us consider why the pressure drops.


low pressure immediately note that there are people asthenic type - have low blood pressure is normal.Of course, this does not mean that they always feel good with him, but increase to recognized standards as 110/70 or 120/80 the more completely removes them from the track.

Other people hypotension may also arise as a result of developing pathological processes in the body, and certain physiological reasons not related to the disease.


  • Vegetative vascular dystonia hypotonic type.This is a very common diagnosis that doctors give even the youngest patients.This condition is accompanied not only by low blood pressure, but
    also a sense of fatigue, dizziness and headaches.To live with this problem, of course, possible, but will have to take care of your body - more to be outdoors, in the sun, play sports (or give at least moderate physical activity), eat healthy quality products, fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of plainpure water.
  • bleeding.It may occur as a result of trauma, injury, and due to internal problems in the body.In addition to low blood pressure, there is a sharp reduction in the number of daily urine, severe skin blanching with the acquisition of its bluish hue.When this condition is required urgent hospitalization, intensive care.
  • Heart Failure.The inability of the heart to pump blood at the right pace causes a decrease in vascular tone.Also hypotension can cause a heart attack, cardiac asthma.
  • Anaphylactic shock.It may be a reaction to a certain food that the human body is unable to take (for example, very often there is an allergy to bee products, nuts, herbs) and on medicines.So if such a problem you have, then you need to be very careful about food and medicines.
  • infections, in particular, launched severe sore throat, flu.
  • Reduced thyroid function.

Physiological processes

  • Malnutrition.This applies both to situations where people are starving because of the inability to buy food, and because the designated himself the wrong diet.In addition, the decrease in blood pressure can produce a poorly balanced diet, which lacks important vitamins for human health.
  • Increased physical activity.At overload the body responds slow heartbeat - because the body must somehow survive such stress, recover.As a consequence - the pressure drops.
  • Exposure to temperatures.The baths and saunas, while cosmetic wraps vessels dilate, and therefore, the pressure at some period of time falls.When the ambient temperature returns to normal, the pressure also will return to the usual indicators.If you have any disease of the heart and blood vessels, then visit these places, do thermal treatments is prohibited, especially if they are required after a sharp drop in temperature (immersion in an ice-hole, pool with cold water), as it threatens to death.
  • Acclimatization.A trip to a hot resort, hiking in the mountains, moving to a new country with a different time zone can respond lowering blood pressure.Once the body gets used to a little change, the pressure will be restored.

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