What should I do to make it not hot ?

What should I do to make it not hot ?

Summer.Blessed time!But many people complain of heat on the street, very hot in the apartment!What to do, how to be saved?And indeed, there are any ways to salvation from the incredible heat?There is.And we will tell about them.

What if hot

If possible, try not to go out under the scorching summer sun with 11 to 16 hours.Pick clothes out of thin cotton and linen, loose-fitting and light colored.Do not go out without a hat - it will protect from direct sunlight.Drink slightly chilled, but not cold drinks.Going out into the street, grab a bottle of chilled water.Apply it to the armpits, neck, below the knees.In these places, under the skin are large vessels and blood can be cooled.

Back in the room, wash and chill under cold water elbows.If you have air conditioning, do not expose too low temperature - from extreme temperatures, you can get sick.Set aside time to rock and metal ornaments.Because they promote rapid heating body overheating.Try to avoid public transport.The best trucks in the summe

r heat - the subway or a leisurely walking tour under the shade of trees.

not get involved in antiperspirants, at this time it is better to stay on deodorants that do not suspend sweating, and only eliminate the smell.Less smoke.It is known that nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels, which results in increased blood pressure, and it is so improved in the heat.

Tips for all occasions

hot in the car?On the glass of the car sun blinds hang and cover the mirror-screen windscreen.Just outside the screen set, otherwise, the heat will remain in the compartment.

The apartment is hot?If you have not got air conditioning, try to hang wet sheets windows - they will play the role of a screen for the outdoor heat.Do not get tired to wash your hands, neck and face with cool water.Put rinsed in cold water and wrung shirt.Because of the heat it is impossible to sleep?Before going to bed take a cold shower.Escape moistened sheets.

What, that was not hot outside?If you are planning a long stay on the street, take as a prophylactic 75 mg of aspirin.The drug thins the blood, contributing thereby reducing the temperature.Because aspirin irritating to the stomach, the tablet is taken after a meal.Stock up wet wipes, they are nice to freshen the face and body odor supports a good mood.

What to drink in the heat

due to increased perspiration, moisture reserves in the body are being rapidly depleted, because of which the weakened vascular tone.The necessary water balance is supported by copious drinking.List of indicative consumption of water at different temperatures is as follows:

  • 21 ° C - 1.5 liters per day;
  • 26 ° C - 1.9 liters;
  • 32 ° C - 3 liters.

best drink to quench your thirst - lemon water.Juice of one lemon on a bottle of water without gas.You can drink mineral water with a salinity - 9 g / l.Water should be consumed throughout the day in small portions.Once in the mouth, carbon dioxide stimulates saliva flow, a feeling of dryness disappears, and with it - and the feeling of thirst.

It makes sense to use unsweetened juices - quince, apple, plum.Sweet juices to quench their thirst is not suitable because of the blood sugar very quickly transported into the cell, "taking" with him and water.Thirst is only strengthened.