The liver is enlarged , what to do ?

The liver is enlarged , what to do ?

Liver enlargement is not an independent disease.Generally, if the body contains some problems, enlarged liver.What to do in such a situation?Primarily for the treatment of this disease it is necessary to correctly diagnose the disease, which causes enlargement of the liver.Then you can take a number of measures to restore the liver to normal.First is to find out why the liver is increased.

reasons for the increased liver

itself liver accumulates excess fat for later use them in "building" the synthesis of hormones and enzymes that control the body's metabolism.So fat accumulation represent a free fatty acid, is a strategic reserve for the normal functioning of the entire human body.The mechanism of accumulation of liver fat develops in different ways in different categories of patients and carries a variety of causes painful.Enlarged liver person abuses alcohol, uses fats to protect liver cells from the toxicity.In women, sitting on a strict diet, fatty liver reason is to create a reserve of fat

needed for organism.Also liver obese lovers eat.


liver is enlarged, and it is a direct indication of her disease.It should also be noted that quite often in patients the body may have normal or even reduced in size.Often, enlarged liver is not accompanied by any special symptoms, but it causes a marked increase in some discomfort in the abdomen.Feeling pain at palpation may be present at an accelerated increase in the liver.If the liver is increased by fatty infiltration, acute hepatitis, or blood congestion, it feels it will be mild.Cirrhosis of the liver is characterized by a solid and vice versa irregular shape of the liver.Distinct signal components are a malignant tumor.A pain in the right upper quadrant, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, weakness and fatigue are symptoms of liver dysfunction.


Enlarged liver is best to treat the combined action on it.This means that any use of drugs should be combined with dieting.Of course, should first remove the disease itself, resulting in an increase in the liver.When medical treatment, doctors usually prescribe gepatoprotektory (Hepa-Merz, essentiale, Heptral).Nutritional care is characterized by high-grade diet in calories, but not necessarily limited fats and carbohydrates trudnousvaivaemyh.Eating should be done small meals 5-6 times a day.

diet with increased liver

Eat All you need to prepare for a couple, cook and bake in the oven.It is necessary to completely eliminate from your diet fried food.Number of fat intake should be limited to 70 grams per day.Do not use products from pastry and bread and sweets.In addition, from the diet is necessary to eliminate all fatty meats, fish, canned meats, spicy cheeses, legumes.It is necessary to include in the food cooked and fresh vegetables, buckwheat, rice and semolina porridge, fish boiled, lean meat, protein omelettes, steamed.

Traditional medicine

And than to treat an enlarged liver, according to folk recipes?To get rid of this disease greatly helps the following recipe: take 100 grams:

  • dandelion root,
  • motherwort,
  • chicory root,
  • peony root.

Mix all the herbs, place them in a metal container and pour 3 cups of cold water.Then you need to put it in a quiet fire and leave to simmer under the lid closed for 30 minutes.Then you need to turn the heat off and infuse the broth for another 30 minutes.The resulting liquid should drain through cheesecloth and take throughout the day.

Remember!No pet self will never replace the professional medical advice!