Why do guys like girls?

Why do guys like girls?

Many of the female, regardless of age interested in this problem.They often wonder what it is in women's appearance or character of men like trying to find the reasons why guys like girls of a certain type of appearance.Maybe each of them has its own image of the ideal woman, and they will not admit it?

What kind of girls prefer guys?

Whatever standards of beauty or fashion dictated, fully comply with them can only scanty part of girls.And we can say with confidence that every representative of the stronger sex has its own standards of female attractiveness.Yes, the girl model looks can capture the attention of all men close to, but not the fact that it was her they wanted to build a serious relationship.

Every self-respecting girl should have her taste in clothes, that is able to pick up clothes, make-up that really suited her and correspond to the setting in which it is located.Guys like well-groomed girl.This does not necessarily go to a beauty salon on a daily basis.Of course, the salon trea

tment will not be denied in the struggle for beauty.However, there are basic common rules that categorically should not be violated.For example, in the hands should be oblezshego nibbling or nail varnish.Besides, guys like groomed smooth or thick hair, not fat bundles on their heads.

False is the belief that boys are attracted only skinny girls.Believe me, a lot of fans and magnificent forms.If you have problems with the figure, do not just sit on a diet, but you first need to develop self-confidence and love yourself for what it is.But when fall in love, then we can reasonably take care of the beauty of his beloved body.

clothing should always be neat form and in harmony with everything externally.Also remember, dear girl, that men like natural beauty, rather than multi-layer mask to the face that awful look in daylight.

Favorite female qualities

Usually the guy loves a Woman, in which there is some kind of zest.In communion with the beloved woman can afford to be just and open, but in moderation.You must still leave some veil of secrecy, at the same time something not currently negotiating to her companion always wanted to guess this riddle in her behavior or character.

also attracts men, when the girl shows and their modesty, and fun, but also reasonable.No need to build from a touchy or, conversely, to talk incessantly.Do not try to make himself another person to play the role of someone else's.You must be an in any situation.

One of the most common reasons why guys like girls who are beautiful legs.And if they also tanned, it slays them outright.Also, men fascinate long eyelashes, and not necessarily that they were heavily made up.

Guys love girls for laughter and interpersonal skills, as well as for women's artistry.For accuracy in everything and tact in conversation.What is important is the ability to be themselves.If you always pretend you can generally get confused and forget what you were in the beginning of love, and that was saying.

Girls are like and their sentimental and naive, but not for themselves tears, and for the ability to be sensual and tender.Guys like those girls that combine intelligence and beauty.After communicating with silly, nothing interesting will not hear except sales in a trendy boutique, or what is better to increase the nails.Believe me, these details most men completely uninteresting.All

attract smiling face when it appears that a person radiates warmth and sincerity.So do not skimp on the smiles!

Men love the ladies for their thrift and ability to spend money wisely, to cook and to keep order in the house.

happens that the guy likes the two girls.For someone it was an accident.I fell in love at first one, then another, and eventually can not make a choice, to decide what is still more like it.Someone, by contrast, specifically does so.It is really convenient, one - quiet and calm, sitting at home and waiting for dinner, the other - a bright, emotional, never does not get bored.

girl's why you must always be different and do not forget to watch your appearance and all of its systems must be replaced by boldness and spontaneity to have a loved one even thought did not find another.