With what wear leggings ?

With what wear leggings ?

Like a little black dress, leggings are always in fashion.There was this garment is more than thirty years ago, models fashion house Chanel.And since the ladies of all cities and countries consider leggings a compulsory subject in her wardrobe.So the girls is so important to know what you can wear leggings.

Modern leggings are available in different materials that you can wear them in different combinations, always and everywhere.On the shelves you can see:

  • leggings made of cotton;
  • tights Lycra;
  • tights made of wool;
  • leggings suede;
  • leather leggings.

From what to wear leggings: tips for every day

leggings - a versatile garment.On the question of what are leggings, easier to answer than the question of what they are not.Tights can be worn with a tunic and a dress with a skirt and a jacket.If you plan to wear leggings with a dress or skirt, it does not hurt to pay attention to what looked good combination of leggings with mini skirts or skirts-tulips.If you try on leggings with long shaped

skirts, we can see that the visual length of the legs become smaller, which very few people are.

From what to wear leggings: Tips

autumn actual ensemble is a mix of leggings with a tunic or long sweater.In addition, considering the different options of what to wear with leggings autumn, fashionable women should be considered and also the material of which met all the parts of the ensemble.If put on leggings with a tunic of knitwear, it is desirable that the length tunics did not exceed the hips, and knitted sweater dress should have an average length above the knee.

interesting option is set, and skirts with leggings, but there is also adhere to a certain length skirts and color solutions.

Ladies low growth stylists recommend wearing a skirt and leggings from the same colors, while the figure visually appears above.

Wearing leggings with a shirt, fashionable women often put emphasis on accessories that are included in this play an important role in drawing attention to its originality and elegance.Color shirt can be anything.The main thing is to color leggings and shirts combined with each other.

autumn considered fashionable combination option + leggings boots.Wearing this kit can be different:

  • tucking leggings in ankle boots,
  • gathered leggings in ankle,
  • pulling the tights on the part of the heel.

interesting and stylish look with leggings cowboy boots.In this case, the relevant experiments above manner.You can try to select a catchy illustrations or contrasting colors.

With what wear leggings: win-win options

harmonious look with leggings T-shirt.According to the designers, this area is a classic and suitable for any occasions.Along this kit in combination with sneakers, lady can go to classes at the fitness club and wearing the classic pin can in an instant transform the same ensemble for going to the bar.

Designers recommend to adhere to its own image and style, despite all the fashion trends.Therefore, wear tights with the shoes and clothing, which is convenient and comfortable, while the options and combinations will be win-win.