How to go to the clinic to be treated in Israel ?

How to go to the clinic to be treated in Israel ?

When diagnosed with intractable disease or need high-quality and complex operation, many people opt for treatment abroad.Some are looking for a more qualitative approach to the treatment, while others simply have to go abroad, as the homeland of such operations are not carried out.If you find yourself in this situation and think about which country is better treatment, pay attention to the Israeli medicine.It uses modern methods of treatment, quality medical equipment, and also the price for treatment in Israeli hospitals is very favorable in comparison with Europe and America.

to easily gain the full treatment in Israel, it is necessary to consider two important points: the choice of a medical agent and identification of a suitable clinic.

Choice Medical intermediary

foreign citizens for treatment in this country require a medical mediator.It solves a lot of organizational issues, working with documents, help in choosing a clinic, acts as a translator and so on. D. It is important to find a go

od broker.For this study the responses of different workers, comparisons of the prices that they offer, see what range of services has a particular intermediary.A good mediator does all the necessary work to his client could easily get him the necessary treatment, and the cost of services is not very exorbitant.

professional mediator will examine a picture of your disease, and learn about the features your health, listen to your suggestions and will orient you in choosing the most suitable clinic.He will not promise you what you can not get if your illness is not treatable in this country, the mediator will not mislead you to earn some money.

mediator helps the patient in the following:

  1. Organization of communication with the doctor who creates a plan for medical treatment;
  2. calculation of the total cost of all medical procedures;
  3. Preparation of invitation letter to the treatment;
  4. Visa;
  5. Buying plane tickets;
  6. Hotel reservations, meeting after the flight and delivery to the hotel;
  7. Order in the selected clinic all necessary procedures, services and advice;
  8. patient support during the treatment time;
  9. Communication with staff;
  10. Preparation of documents to be discharged;
  11. Addressing emerging issues in the course of treatment;
  12. Organization departure back.

Determination of the proper clinic

This will help your health mediator, which offer a choice of the most suitable clinic.However, to learn more information is never harmful.For example, a brief look at three Israeli clinic:

  1. first medical center in Tel Aviv Sourasky name (http:. // Telaviv-clinic ru /) large institutions general, where different patients can get exactly the treatment that they need.Includes 5 buildings sosotavlyayuschih single complex: Ichilov hospital, rehabilitation center, Sami Ofer Heart Institute, Hospital and Dana-DUEK maternity hospital Liss.In this clinic we developed a treatment for skin cancer without surgery.
  2. Shiba Hospital - a medical institution that is known for its results.In this clinic conducted the first open-heart surgery.Shiba is particularly suitable for those who need a bone marrow transplant - is carried out the most complex operations in the field.
  3. Assuta Hospital.Private institution generalist.There is a diagnostic center, hirugichesko-resuscitation complex, as well as luxury hotels for patients.

Given these two important points, and also to determine with the requisite software, cash costs and documentation, you will be able to organize and receive high-quality treatment in Israel.