How to check your stomach ?

How to check your stomach ?

body, from the activity of which depends on the state of the whole organism - it is the stomach.It was there that processed food into amino acids.There is the process of using gastric juice.This is an aggressive alkaline environment, the basis of which include hydrochloric acid.It is on its concentration in the gastric juice, the total acidity of the stomach depends.If you have observed heartburn, pain in the stomach or side, there is a risk that the acidity is increased and there is a possibility of other gastrointestinal diseases.In this case, it is worth considering how to check the stomach.

Medical examination

Many are advised to determine the level of acidity in the home, using litmus paper, or other means.But only the doctor-gastroenterologist is able to recognize the beginnings of diseases and carry out complex analyzes.Choosing where to check the stomach, can apply both in private and in public hospitals.It depends entirely on your ability.This may be a separate private room, or a diagno

stic center, where they will hold comprehensive analysis of the whole organism.So, places where you can check the stomach mass.Having defined the examination venue, you must make an appointment to see a doctor.There you will need to undergo a series of procedures:

  • conversation.It was during a conversation with the doctor, you will need to tell us about all of their symptoms and signs of illness.They indicate the direction of a specialist, which is work.
  • Inspection.During the examination of the abdomen, the doctor may have already seen a number of changes, which are a symptom of the disease.So, bloating evidence of stagnation and poor gastric motility.After palpation of the abdomen, it will be possible to determine the presence of tumors and hernia channels.
  • sounding.After, you have to go probing procedure, a probe directly into the stomach.The probe is mounted on a thin tube which is introduced slowly into the stomach.Then, the doctor makes a gastric fluid sampling with a syringe, or watching a stomach operation.For this purpose, in addition to the probe, activating agents administered, the action of which can be seen the entire process of formation of gastric juice.
  • dye.This method is more suitable for people who are contraindicated for the introduction of the probe.This may be increased sensitivity of the gag reflex.How to check the acidity of the stomach using a dye?It does this with a special drug.His need to drink to the patient, then the substance will dissolve in the stomach and will appear in urine.That its color will indicate a high or low acidity.
  • Endoscopy.It can be performed both together, and instead of probing.In this procedure, you must enter the endoscope, which allows to see the presence of tumors, gastric ulcers and other diseases.
  • Radiography.It held as an additional method of determining the state of the gastrointestinal tract.The process is based on the control of movement of barium sulfate, which the patient receives in the form of slurry.Passage of the contrast agent can be clearly seen on x-ray, and allows us to trace the "behavior" of the stomach at this time.